KMart generated buzz with two commercials with clever word play: their “Big Gas Savings” and “Ship My Pants” clips.  But a parody commercial, which makes a play on the “N-word” using the term “knickers,” is perceived by many as more offensive than hilarious.

It doesn’t merely poke fun at a racist moniker, but it makes light of controversial stereotypes about black people. According to some, the man bragging about his “work knickers,” carries the sting of the slavemaster mentality; a woman who loves her “lazy knickers” perpetuates the stereotype that black people don’t work hard; a man says he purchased “dancing knickers” before doing a full on shuck-and-jive; and finally, a black man represents the hip hop rendering of the word saying “knickers, please.” The hashtag for the campaign is #shipmyknickers.

While the commercial is clearly in jest, not everyone is laughing at its use of stereotypes and tongue-and-cheek play on the N-word. What are your thoughts, Clutchettes?


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  • Sharon Lowd

    I tried really hard not to laugh – but it was funny. It was also offensive and racist; so where do I go from here? Should I slap myself around, do penance or promise to stop using the N word. I’m tired and confused, so I’ll just apologize to all of you that are angry and offended and if the rest of you that find it funny, kind of understand what I’m feeling, join hands with me, bow your heads and we’ll pray and ask the PC gods to forgive us. Sorry guys, that’s the best I can do at 4:08 in the morning.

  • NOitAll

    This commercial is just one reason why WALMART is kicking Kmart’s ass out of the business.

  • Horrible and insensitive choice and the context when using the word was definitely offensive!

  • ProF

    Of course it’s offensive.
    Think about the very jokes and riddles you’ve found funny – aren’t most of them offensive to something or someone? That’s most often what make them hilarious!

    Most of the jokes I tell are about drunk hard nosed Scotts – and yep – I’m Scottish! It would be ridiculous for me to expect no one else to tell those same jokes.
    Yes – offensive – and totally worth hearing!

    • Padma

      I happen to think jokes that point out the noticeable body odor of Scottish people are especially funny.

      I learned those jokes from my English friends.