Lauryn Hill took to one of her social media accounts to respond to allegations that her new single, “Neurotic Society” is filled with anti-gay lyrics.

 Hill took to her Tumblr to explain the meaning behind the song.

“Neurotic Society is a song about people not being, or not being able to be, who and what they truly are, due to the current social construct. I am not targeting any particular group of people, but rather targeting everyone in our society who hides behind neurotic behavior, rather than deal with it.

The world we live in now is, in many ways, an abhorrent distortion, an accumulation of generations and generations of response to negative stimuli. Many don’t even have a concept of what normal is, by virtue of having lived afraid, ashamed, as victims of abuse, or inadequately handled for so long. I believe in coming up from under that fear and allowing the psyche/soul to truly heal. I understand that healing is a process, but I also believe that it is our responsibility to seriously care for ourselves, so that we can extend that level of concern for others and positively affect our environment.

I want what is best for Humanity. Humanity, aligned with the Spiritual principles, that help each individual conquer fear, and transcend limited circumstance. I believe in healing and dealing with the traumatizing events of our lives, both in this lifetime, as well as those passed down to us, or inherited, so we can live as fully as possible.

The whole world suffers from a lack of honest dialogue. Character and integrity have suffered at the hands of political correctness and corporate agenda, while our society moves further and further towards unhealthiness and breakdown. I oppose these trends.

Everyone has a right to their own beliefs. Although I do not necessarily agree with what everyone says or does, I do believe in everyone’s right to protest.

The overarching message of my music is to get up and stop compromising! And hopefully it will stimulate and motivate the changes that our society needs.

Artists are constantly under media and public scrutiny. This is not a one-way street. Those of us with the charge of putting out faithful vibrations, have a responsibility to report what we see, and to write about what we know. I have seen some of the best and also some of the worst representations of human behavior. The same way that I exalt that which is high, is the same way I expose that which is abusive, in order to motivate and remind if not all of us, than as many as possible, of the Higher Calling.”

What do you think about her response?


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  • I think what she said was totally bigoted and good for the LBGT community for standing up for themselves and not allowing anyone to get away with denigrating their community.

    Too bad black women won’t do the same when it comes to hip-hop. Rappers can say the most disgusting stuff about us and we do nothing. In fact, we buy their music. Don’t get mad at the LGBT community for having more sense than us and refusing to embrace those who treat them like crap.

    • kaf

      What are you talking about, you sound so completely misinformed, read again what she wrote, she distinctively said this song was not to hit the LGBT community. it was not even about them, she was talking about society as a whole speaking on it integral downfall. Its called freedom of speech (which she used wisely compared to many artist of todays culture), the LGBT have no problem bashing someone when it comes to someone opposing their views. The LGBT need to realise and accept that not everyone in this world will agree with what they think. You expect people to accept your point of view but you have no respect for other people’s prospective.

    • She says it’s not about the LGBT community, yet she uses words such as “drag queen” and “girly men” and “transvestism” . Yeah, ok.

      People aren’t stupid. They lyrics are obviously taking aim at certain segments of the gay community. If she’s not talking about them, then maybe she shouldn’t use those kinds of words.

  • Tashae

    what a long winded way to not answer the question.

  • IamKing

    Listen to the song completely then read it again then maybe you’ll grasp an understanding that she is explaining what her song is about. I didn’t see any question posed so how can her explanation be wrong.

  • Jakki Face

    I love the response. I am a long time fan of Hill and her words are from her soul. Why sugar coat? Everyone says they want the truth; truth is We can’t handle the truth.