The fall seen ’round the world at the 2013 Billboard Awards is getting even messier for Miguel and the show producers. Miguel’s ill-fated leg drop during a performance of “Adorn” reportedly left audience member Khyati Shah facing possible brain damage.

Shah’s lawyer announced that she has been suffering from “difficulties” that suggest “a neurological head injury.” If medical exams reveal significant brain damage, Shah’s lawyer is threatening to sue all relevant parties, which may include Billboard Awards producers. In fact, Shah’s lawyer seemed to place blame on producers for the fact that Shah didn’t immediately seek out medical attention; instead, she received an ice pack and did a backstage interview with Miguel.

In light of the impending suit, Billboard Music Awards producers announced that they warned Miguel not to jump which in turn prompted the singer’s representatives to refute their claim in an interview with TMZ. Miguel’s reps said BMA producers did not tell him to refrain from jumping and they even asked Miguel about the jump so their cameras could capture it. They also revealed Miguel practiced the jump twice and couldn’t sleep the night after the stunt injured Shah.

With BMA producers shuffling to avoid blame and the lawsuit developing, it’s unclear how this will all pan out. Regardless of the outcome, it sends a message to artists to think twice before incorporating potentially harmful stunts into their performances.

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  • MLI

    I blame both parties and both parties need to pay up. Not just to Shah, but also to her friend who looked like she got hit by Miguel’s other leg.

    • LMO85

      That is what I was thinking, where is the other girl who was karate kicked to the forehead with his fake azz wannabe Prince high heeled boot??!?!?!?I want to know if she got her brain scanned for real though.

  • CSV

    I think Miguel is a great artist. However his live performance skills don’t match up with is amazing singing abilities. Every time I see him on an award show, I just wish he would be still and sing his song instead of all the extra stuff he attempts to do. Maybe this will teach him a lesson.

  • angel

    how is it billboard’s fault. NO ONE MADE THAT DUDE JUMP! Good grief. Even if they didn’t warn him, he jumped willingly and unfortunately someone got hurt. It was an accident but if she is injured then he should be held accountable.