Natural Hair Blogger Seeks Justice From The NYPD After Boyfriend Was Brutally Attacked1

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Cipriana Quann is one of the bloggers behind the popular natural hair blog, Urban Bush Babes , and  she is seeking help to bring to light the hate crime her boyfriend and his twin brother were involved in this past Memorial Day weekend. Unfortunately, the NYPD doesn’t seem to want to be bothered.

Here’s the story of what happened directly from her blog post:

My dear UBB family I am reaching out to all of you and asking for your help. Long story short, my boyfriend of over 4 years was brutally attacked this past Memorial Day weekend in the lower eastside of Manhattan at 3-3:30 AM. He is a Bartender and works in the area and was on his way home with his twin brother, as two young black men, not inebriated, clearly were targeted when a group of 10 to 11 men were blocking the sidewalk and would not let them pass. The assailants were Italian/Western European and of Indian descent. The assailants were congregated outside of a lounge called Sutra and a local neighborhood ‘First & First Finest Deli’ convenience store. As my boyfriend and his twin were walking by 3 out of the 10 or 11 blocked their passage. As his brother calmly stated “We do not want to fight we are just on our way home” they immediately begin to assault his brother. My boyfriend then proceeded to step in to help his brother and was blindsided from behind by 7 to 8 men. Vastly out numbered,  these “men” then proceeded to grab my boyfriend’s arms and legs, hold him down and brutally begin kicking him in the head onto the concrete.

A witness in the store adjacent to Sutra Lounge witnessed the incident and called the police. He had the courage (bless his heart) to stick his head out the door and shout, “I called the cops!” At hearing this announcement the assailants bolted, running away. The police arrived, took a brief “report” and stated they would follow up at the hospital as the ambulance drove my boyfriend and his brother to Beth Israel Medical Center. My boyfriend suffered multiple extensive fractures to his face, specifically around the right eye, nose, cheekbone, corneal abrasions and suffering a concussion as well (the list of his injuries are literally 4 pages long). The Doctors said he must have been kicked with such force to cause so many fractures. My boyfriend and his brother were told officers would finish the report at the hospital but no one came. I called 911 while I was at the hospital because I was unsure if there was even a report filed. Two uniformed officers came from the 12/13th precinct and took a quick report (no pictures) and then called officers from the 9th precinct which is where officers were originally dispatched out from. Two officers then arrived from the 9th precinct and asked where the incident took place, then all four officers walked away to discuss the matter and as they walked away I overheard one of the officers say “we are going classify this as gang related” (which could have met in either direction but if it was directed towards these brothers then this is an outrage, none of these men have ever been affiliated with a gang or any gang related issue) and then gave my boyfriend’s brother who suffered very little injury a piece of paper with the number to the 12/13th precinct and told him to call on Tuesday for the complaint report number.

I followed up this Tuesday morning, the 28th (which was the day stated to call by police) and after being transferred several times with an erroneous number, I was told the case was closed. When I inquired why, I was informed my boyfriend and his brother said, “They wanted to handle it themselves without an investigation,” which is a blatant lie! I then proceeded to ask about the witness and cameras in the convenience store and was told, “How do you know there are cameras in the convenience store. I have been a detective for 16 years and not every convenience store has a camera.” My boyfriend works in the area and has visited the convenience store several times and noticed the camera behind the register in clear view. I was completely ignored in regards to my inquiries regarding the witness.

I am frustrated at the system but unfortunately not surprised. There was no follow up and I have no idea if the witness was even brought in for questioning, who by the way repeatedly apologized to my boyfriend and his brother and said in his own words that he was “too scared to come out and help since there were so many assailants”. I feel highly uncomfortable knowing that these “men” can brutally and cowardly attack and obviously out number two men, leisurely assaulting because they were in the mood. I am getting nowhere with the NYPD but will take every avenue in hoping these men will not assault other innocent bystanders. The sad truth is this happens more then we like to mention but I am not going to sit quietly and idly by. This was just one department of the NYPD and I would never crucify the department as a whole but to close a case without further investigation with no explanation why… a case which included an eye witness, makes no sense other than that these were two young black men automatically dismissed as “gang related” with neither of the men ever affiliated with a gang in any way. I am assuming their lives were not worth the time or money, despite a life was almost taken. I am FRUSTRATED, ANGRY, but most of all just BLESSED that my boyfriend and his brother came out of this alive. I also would be grateful in medical referrals as well dealing with facial fractures. I am looking for any assistance or info I can use to move forward on this urgent matter.

Even with the surveillance video available, and the proof that Aaron and his brother did nothing to provoke the attack, you’d think the NYPD would focus on such a violent crime?  In an effort to draw attention to the case, Cipriana and her boyfriend have started a Change.org Petition:

The NYPD’s denial that they did close the case immediately without investigation is a blatant fabrication based on the actions of this precinct. They did not care in the first place and valuable time and evidence has been lost. The loved ones of the victims and the victims have lost complete faith in this precinct being capable of providing a thorough and proper investigation. What is also disturbing are the numerous readers and supporters who I have heard from who have accounted similar treatment by the NYPD in the follow-up and/ or investigation of crimes committed. The NYPD negates that they immediately closed the case but their actions or lack of action blatantly prove otherwise and has extremely damaged this case in the process.

We all are devastated not only by this tragedy but the steps myself, my family and the victim’s family had to take to get this case REOPENED! What is also disturbing are the numerous readers and supporters who I have heard from who have accounted similar treatment by the NYPD in the follow-up and/ or investigation of crimes committed. This realization is quite disturbing and a change needs to happen immediately before another family reaches out due to a death from the result of misconduct in the NYPD’s system.

Hopefully Aaron and his twin brother will get some resolution and help by the NYPD soon.

Natural Hair Blogger Seeks Justice From The NYPD After Boyfriend Was Brutally Attacked

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