There’s an app for everything nowadays.  Now if you want to kiss and tell,  you can do that on Lulu.

Lulu is a rating system used by women on their ex-boyfriends or hook-ups. The site allows users to rate their experiences, good and bad, as well as the ability to leave warnings.

From The NY Daily News:

“Girls love to share,” co-founder Alison Schwartz told the Daily News. “They love to have information, to be in the know. They love to have their experiences validated by other friends.” 

She and partner Alexandra Chong came up with the idea for Lulu after a girls’ brunch resulted in oversharing about Topshop sales, dermatologist appointments, and, eventually, guys. 

“There’s a lot of value in girl talk,” Schwartz said. “The second you put a guy in the mix, the candor completely changes. We realized there’s something so powerful there.”

The app, exclusive to women, launched in January and has consistently been among the top 20 in the iTunes store. More than 1.5 million reviews and 15 million profile views have been logged.

As with most apps, you’re given the ability to connect it to other social media accounts. If it’s connected to your Facebook account, you can scan your friends list to see if any of the men on your list have been reviewed.

Oh, this could get interesting.

Let’s see, if I were to review a few of my exes:

A) Cheap

B) Halitosis

C) Fungus on his toe nails

D) Always caring and generous

E) Too well endowed

There have always been websites where women and men could post scathing reports about their exes, but in the world of social media, having something at the palm of your hands will always be easier.


If you were to rate your exes/hook-ups/past exploits with the app, what would you say about them?


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