Newscaster Drops F Bomb While Introducing Gay Pride Parade

Newscasters are notorious for on-air gaffes when it comes segueing from one topic to another, especially if words on their teleprompter look similar or sound alike.  Bill Lunn, a newscaster for KSTP, the local ABC affiliate in Minneapolis, isn’t an exception to that rule.


F*g. Flag?


Lunn did  the obvious thing after his slip of the tongue.  He went apologized via Twitter.

His gaffe will definitely be added to the numerous YouTube newscaster blooper videos floating around.

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  • Mademoiselle

    Let’s see if he gets fired like the black man did who dropped the other F-bomb when he thought he was off the mic.

    • Child, Please

      Are you speaking of someone recently? Because the one that made headlines for doing that very thing was white. I think he’s a bartender now.

    • Mademoiselle

      My mistake. I still wonder if he’ll be fired. The media seems to be moving to a one-strike rule lately.

  • I was expecting another word when I read “f bomb.”