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Bridget Kelly is extra busy these days whether it’s orchestrating Grammy award winning hits or opening up alongside the biggest names in music. Belting out vocals compared to that of Alicia Keys and Joss Stone, one thing BK is not is anyone’s stunt double.

The 27-year-old’s penchant for singing and songwriting has earned her a spot on the Roc Nation roster and legions of fans around the world. The New York native recently banded together with R&B legends, Mary J Blige and D’Angelo for the Liberation Tour that kicked off earlier this month.

When asked about her excitement to be touring with the Queen of R&B, Kelly told us at Clutch: “It’s so awesome! She’s such a beautiful spirit. I love being a part of her tour. Her fans are women that love good music. She’s one of the few female artists that have made real soulful, incredible music. I’ve always respected and appreciated the honesty in her songs. “

BK is excited to share her own brand of passionate, emotive music with concertgoers across the nation. Alongside her musical reverence and enchanting voice, the beauty boasts dynamic style and an effortless fresh-faced look. She shared five secrets with us to looking fabulous while being a woman on-the go.
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-Nicole Breeden

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