Every time there’s some controversy surrounding a white person’s use of the “n” word, someone fires back with things like:

  • Well black people use it all the time
  • Those rappers use it more than we do
  • It’s 2013, that word doesn’t have any power any more

And by someone, I mean white people.

Well, Bernard Freeman aka Bun B, one half of the southern rap duo UGK, had a few thoughts on the word:



It’s open thread time.  Are rappers being used as scapegoats? Or should they bare responsibility for the “n” word as well?

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  • Deb

    This discussion of the N word should not have to come up ONLY when a non-black person uses it offensively. I hate how certain discussions of problematic issues only come up when it’s in this sort of defensive context.

    • Me27

      I think people do have discussions about this word’s use on a regular basis. But those discussions only become high profile when it’s a non-black person who says it. When one black person says it to another black person it will never make the news. The only time the news “cares” that black people say it to one another is when non-blacks are using it as an excuse to justify their use of the word.

  • Me27

    C’mon now I am really suppose to believe that Paula Deen listens to hip-hop? She (and her family) was using that word long before hip-hop was created.

    Yes rappers are being used as a scapegoat.
    As much as I cannot stand the word, I don’t think they are the blame for it’s use. They did not create the word, nor were they the first to use the word as a “term of endearment.” The use of this word has been around for hundreds of years.

  • ETC

    It is not right to scapegoat rappers….but while we are on the subject, it really hurts my heart when I see a group of young black men getting on the metro calling each other the n word. Then I sometimes see a smirk on white peoples faces. You would be a fool to think you are challenging the system when you engage in self deprication.

  • Echi

    He has a point. It’s like someone saying that because black rappers slap asses on misogynostic videos, that it’s okay to do it in reality. While the videos are reprehensible, an adult should not use them as a basis of how to treat others.
    But really white folks, don’t you think enough non-rapping black people have expressed their displeasure in the n-word? How many times must we say it – don’t use that racially offensive word. I mean damn – catch a clue.

  • No one should use that word ever. In fact I think it is more offensive coming from a black person since they should know the history behind the word. If you are deplorable enough to use the word, you deserve to be slapped straight to hell. End of story.