Who didn’t see this coming? Paula Deen has hired crisis manager Judy Smith.

The real “Olivia Pope”, working hand in hand to salvage what’s left of the butter-lover-n word using-disaster of a workplace-former spokesperson’s career.

Judy Smith has represented a number of celebrities facing scandals, including Michael Vick, Wesley Snipes,  and Kobe Bryant. She also represented Monica Lewinksy and Jill Kelley, the mistress of former CIA director Gen. David Petraeus. Smith previously served as Special Assistant and Deputy Press Secretary to President George H.W. Bush. Smith inspired Scandal‘s Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington), and serves as a co-executive producer and technical advisor on the show.

Smith & Co. may try to focus their attention on what’s left of Deen’s business partners. Yes, there are companies sticking by her. So far Novo Nordisk, maker of the diabetes treatment Victoza; Springer Mountain Chicken; Landies Candies; and Tasty Blend Foods.

“Tasty Blend Foods was very pleased with the Paula Deen interview given this morning on the Today Show,” Tasty Blend said in a statement Wednesday. “We appreciate her commitment and how she stepped up and apologized to her viewers, fans and the nation. We personally endorse Paula Deen and what she stands for. We are very saddened that she is being judged by her past, everyone has made a mistake sometime in their lives. We look forward to our continued partnership with her.”

Landies Candies President Larry Szrama also issued a letter of support. “Your interview this morning reaffirms who you really are and what you believe,” he wrote. “We count it a privilege to be your friend and business partner and look forward to sweet success in the future.”

Good lord, I wonder how they treat their employees.

In any event, this may be a case of too little too late for Deen.

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  • Kay

    It seems like the dominant theme for person who is accused of being racist is to hire a Black person and then say, “See I can’t possibly be racist. Here is a fabulous Black person I recently hired! Would a racist do that? Of course, I never socialize with this person in a personal capacity, and I’d flip if one of my kids ever brought him/her home, but that’s not the point! I have a Black person in my general vicinity and that’s what matters.”

  • Mademoiselle

    It’s been less than a week since I’ve been hearing about this white woman’s “woes”. I’m tired of it already. We didn’t place this lawsuit at her feet, a white woman did. We didn’t give her endorsements and take them away, white corporations did. Why are we getting in the middle of a white war? Why jump to her defense and solve her problems? I really wish black folks just sat back and watched this train wreck unfold instead of taking her up as some kind of cause.

    • RaiseTheBar


      CLEARLY, she needs to be sat down and explained to the way someone would a 5-year old child what RACISTmeans.

      Better yet, let’s tell PD that as a “friend” to BLACKS she has to give all her multi-million$ of dollar$ to the descendants of the 31 slaves who “helped” work her grandfather’s fields.

    • RaiseTheBar

      By any chance is PD’s “black” friend named Sambo?

    • RaiseTheBar

      “. . ., the South is the least prejudiced and that white people treated blacks like family.”

      That explains where my family learned to treat each other like crap.

  • @Me

    I’m glad you took the step to send a complaint to the station because it’s is getting ridiculous. I understand that they are not the only new station bringing this down to just “one word” and glossing over all the other stuff but for me it seem like they are pushing it the hardest. I don’t know if it’s because it the only news in the morning that I watch or what. Just this morning the woman reporter again seemed happy when she was reporting on how Paula’s fans are still buying her merchandise. I swore she made it a point to stick in the word “in the past”. This incident just showed me how the media can take a story and only report certain facts. I knew this before but this really made me see it again. The only person who I have seen on TV saying that this is more than about one word was Shaun Robinson.

  • RaiseTheBar

    Red Pill,

    Thanks for the video. Did you notice how she referred to the “slaves” — great-grand-daddy had 30-somethin people “on the books” and then the next year he had zero?

    TRANSLATION: Great grand-daddy “OWNED” 30-somethin “SLAVES” and then that “nasty” thing called “EMANCIPATION” took away all of po’ ole grand-daddy’s SLAVES.

    Too Funny in a very deep and painful way.

  • ok, she’s a racist, its nothing new, but we don’t have to hold a rally for her….half of White Americans/Hispanics think like she does. who ever does that for us?? smh… blacks are so forgiving… its a good and a bad thing..