Leave it to Black Twitter to be creative and clever in the face of blatant racism. After news broke that Paula Dean admitted to using the “N-word” and planning a slave-themed wedding, Twitter users created and took hold of the hashtag #PaulasBestDishes to post mashups of famous meals mixed with racism-related terms.

Here is a sampling of tweets using the hashtag:

“Massa-roni and Cheese #PaulasBestDishes”

“Klan Chowder #PaulasBestDishes”

“Lynchables #PaulasBestDishes”

“Emmett Tilapia #PaulasBestDishes”

“Lettuce from a Birmingham jail #PaulasBestDishes”

“Nat Turnover #PaulasBestDishes”

“Coming forth to carry me home fries #PaulasBestDishes”

“You Hear White Folk Talkin You Better Hushpuppies #PaulasBestDishes”

The posts drew plenty of laughs from people of all races on Twitter, but some wondered why people opted out of hitting the celebrity chef where it hurts the most: her pockets.

Humor is one thing (and it certainly was damaging to her brand) but a call to The Food Network and/or visit to their website has more of a significant and lasting impact, people argued.

I think there’s room for both: humor that spreads awareness about Paula’s offensive acts and helps assuage the outrage many of her former African-American fans felt as well as a movement to contact the Food Network and advertisers on her show to demand that they break ties.  What are your thoughts, Clutchettes?

UPDATE: Food Network has released the following statement: “Food Network does not tolerate any form of discrimination and is a strong proponent of diversity and inclusion. We will continue to monitor the situation.”

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  • Kaori

    She was too much of a coward to even show up for her interview on GMA this morning.

  • Michelle

    Welp, it’s proven once again that there is power in numbers. The Food Network will NOT be renewing Paula Deens contract once it is up at the end of this month.


  • Marisa

    That to me was the best twitter hashtag ever people really went in, also to me its not the language it is what it is but, Paula wanting that damn plantation wedding GIRL BYE you and your precious BURTTER. The fact she thought that would be entertaining speaks to how they feel about that time period, and the desperate attempt to try and regain the “good ol days”.

    • Marisa

      SHE’S FIRED YALL Food Network tosses Paula in the bushes lol. Give Pat and Geena Neely her spot

  • dippedingodiva
    • Lynn

      I think it is BS !!!! I am sooooo sick of this racist CRAP !!! If white people had their own college fund, or there own TV ( BET ) station, and their own WHITE Miss America, there would be hell to pay !! Get over the racist stuff…. there are few still alive that were from that era. GO to work, forget about all the SLAVE injustice ,,,, white people were slaves WAYYYYYY before Blacks were !!!

    • Lynn

      I think Food Network is STUPID for doing that !!!! I am going to stop getting there e-mails and watching their shows !!! And I am a faithful Food Network junky !!! Not anymore !!!

    • By all means she should be OFF THE AIR. For ANY person remotely thinking of having a Plantation dinner,gala, with
      black servants ??!!!!!! Please it is just NOT DONE She is
      uneducated and unaware of the culture in this country.
      No excuses none.
      Joan Maxwell

  • Marisa

    For me its not the N word because a white person getting caught saying that shocks me about as much as telling me there are 7 days in a week. What truly sunk Paula is that deposition were she waxed poetically about Slavery, she kept referencing it was if she was there during that time. Like she was to quote Kenya “Gone With the Wind” Fabulous, and how sad it was for Slaves Masters to lose their slaves because, to them Slaves were apart of the family and all they had. As if it was freakin Fantasy Island and not the atrocity that slavery and segregation was.

    She was finished when that Plantation themed wedding for her equally racist-ratchet brother Bubba came out. The person deposing her asked her about and here is this dummy going on and on about how she wanted him to have that because it was such a special event complete with slaves dressed to nines. The questioner asked her what time period in America are you talking about and the Burtter Queen, went oh before the Civil War, During the Civil War after it, BISH Game-Set-Match your OUT. Also Oprah and Gayle should remain silent and Mother Oprah better not host her forgiveness tour. Am I the only one who remembers Paula hosting Gayle and Oprah and had them stay in the “guesthouse out back”. Of course the usual suspects are defending it keep saying the usual “it was a long time ago” BS. That woman didn’t make a mistake, this lady and her brother truly has some serious hate in her heart, and she’s not the only one, just one of many.