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Nearly a year after the very public end of Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada and ex-NFL player Chad Johnson’s marriage, images of Lozada’s wounds from the domestic violence incident that brought their marriage to a halt were released by TMZ.

The gruesome images, taken by Florida police, show a three-inch gash on Lozada’s forehead and bruising around her eye.

0617-evelyn-lozada-injuries-wm-3-480w_zps2cd0c6beThe pictures surfaced just a day after Johnson was released from jail for playfully slapping his lawyer on the butt during a probation hearing.

Neither Lozada or Johnson commented on the images, but the ex-pro football star appeared on Good Morning America on Tuesday to discuss his ordeal.

During the interview, Johnson told Robin Roberts that his brief stint in jail was “the best things that could happen”  to him because it fored him to “sit down and think about life.”

He also admitted that his inability to control his anger that evening led to losing the two things he loved: football and his wife.

“Usually, situations like this break people…and I wouldn’t allow anything to break me. So I tried to continue to be my same positive self.  And I think with me being Chad it kind of made the judge feel that I wasn’t being serious about the situation but, trust me, I understood exactly what I did. And I lost two of the things in life that I love the most at the time. Football and my now, then beautiful, I did say beautiful, ex-wife.”

Chad says he’d like a second chance to fix his ailing football career, but even before this incident his future was in doubt, so it remains to be seen whether or not he’ll be picked up by an NFL team.

Now that the images have been released I wonder if those  people who were quick to blame Evelyn or insinuate she deserved to be injured based on her on-camera bad behavior will change their tune.

What do you think, Clutchettes? 

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