A meme featuring a plus size model in a bikini is making the rounds on the internet, alongside offensive captions created by anonymous users. The image in question shows a beautiful smiling plus-size model in a stylish tangerine one-piece suit but some of the accompanying words are filled with anger, prejudice and hate.

Here is a sampling of some of the offensive memes via BuzzFeed:





Since memes are traditionally meant to be funny, it’s easy to assume that the internet trolls who created these graphics wrote their captions in jest. Still, it’s no excuse to spew vitriol about a stranger’s body simply because she’s not a size 2. And the sexism (sex in exchange for pizza?) and objectification of her body is offensive to all women.

There’s been talk about taking back this meme with empowering and uplifting captions about full-figured women. Do you think the plus size community and supporters should take that approach? Do you find the above captions disrespectful? Discuss, Clutchettes.

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  • The funny thing is, it’s usually the sloppy, unattractive trolls doing this for attention because mommy or daddy didn’t hug them enough or they have nothing better to do. Insecurity comes in many shades and forms of ugly…

  • J

    Why not bitch about how it gets hot in the Summer while you’re at it? The internet is a mean, dirty place where anyone can say anything without repercussions. We’ve all known this for quite some time now, but welcome to the fold I guess.

  • Ryan

    I think the model in the image is hotttt.
    The jokes don’t make sense on the pic if you ask me.

  • phillip gates

    She’s hot