Restaurant Adopts A "No Kids" Policy

Imagine being able to dine with out the sound of screaming kids, or trying to maneuver past strollers as you make your way to a table. Well that’s reality for restaurant goers in the Del Ray section of Alexandria, Virginia.

“Welcome,” reads the black-and-white sign on the door of The Sushi Bar. “This is an adults-only environment. No children under 18 please.”

From MSN:

Since The Sushi Bar opened a week ago, the restaurant’s policy appears to be paying off — it’s enjoying a packed house every night, WUSA-TV noted. 

“I understand why they would do that. It’s not that big of a deal,” said one mother of three who was turned away from The Sushi Bar.

But not everyone is so understanding. Some people even compared the policy to apartheid on a Patch forum.

“I won’t be eating there and I’m not going to frequent Pork Barrel or Holy Cow any longer,” one writer posted, referring to the owners’ other restaurants. “It’s ironic how happy they were to take my money for kids meals at Pork Barrel but now my money isn’t good enough for fish.”

People have also taken to the restaurant’s Facebook page to express their displeasure about the policy.

“Great way to keep me out of your spot,” griped one commenter on the Sushi Bar’s Facebook page. “As a single parent, thanks… we will dine at another sushi bar!”

“In case anyone is wondering, no, I won’t be patronizing this establishment if I’m ever again in the area,” added another commenter.

What do you think about the “no children under 18” policy? 

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