Prancing ElitesWho said cheerleading was only made for girls? The Prancing Elites, an all-male cheerleading squad from Mobile, Alabama proves that cheerleading is more than just jumps and twirls. From matching outfits to killer moves, these men remain diligent in building team spirit.

On their Facebook page, they share how hard they work to put together entertaining performances:

“Thanks for the support..we work very hard to get to where we are..sometimes day in and day out..long late night practices and even early morning practices..we have a passion for the art of DANCE, so no matter how we perform it..its our EXPRESSION OF ART”

What do you think about their moves? Do they got it?!

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  • purplereaderKB

    The best comment on this entire thread!

  • Male cheerleader are energetive I suppose. More than a landscape. You know.

  • ScriptTease


  • SimplyFoolishness

    Oh my eyes are still hurting from all of this foolishnes in this video. Just plain ole foolishness.

  • They are a dance team clearly…. in all schools from jr. high school on up there is a distinct difference between a cheer leading squad and a dance squad. These guys are the latter.