There’s a certain group of people who are pissed off with the Food Network and they’ve taken to their Facebook page to air their grievances. After the Food Network announced it was not renewing Paula Deen’s contract,  not everyone was singing praises.  Plenty of people want their Deen back on air and thanks to the new tumblr,  White  People  Mad At Food Network, some of the most asinine Facebook posts have been curated.


Solidarity, y’all!


It’s so not fair that black people get to use the “n” word, and we can’t.  This has been the common rational among plenty of white people.   I told someone this weekend that my black “privilege” allows me to use the word, but my decorum and common sense prevents me from using it. But of course I was being facetious about it being a privilege.


But why is African-Americans in quotations? What’s a n’er?

Oh white people. I’m sorry you feel that Paula Deen is a sacrificial lamb of some sort. I’m pretty sure she’ll be just fine. I  think I’ll go make a butter cake in her honor today.

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  • Lola

    I’ve just read that the woman who filed the lawsuit against Paula Deen is actually WHITE. Do this people bemoaning black people on FB in order to defend their beloved Paula knows that little detail?

  • Kay

    Mark Carolina’s comment made me smirk. I love when White people who don’t want to seem racist but really are, say things along the lines of “Most Blacks/African Americans are hard working good people….I know a few of them…i just love them…,” unless of course you are competing with them for a job, a promotion, a coveted spot at a university, government assistance or the like. Then it’s a different story usually replete with “All those lazy Blacks want to whine and complain and get things that belong to us good, hardworking White people….,” *rolls eyes*

  • All I have to say is….When John Galliano made his remarks they were too, years ago. Yet he was penalized. Paula Dean says something years ago and she shouldn’t be considered a racist as well? I call BS.