arlenis-sosa-beach-21111I am free. These were the words that flittered through my thoughts as I awakened this morning, unburdened with the stresses of school, bills, relationship drama or other worries. I am at peace was the next thought and an hour of meditation commenced. I couldn’t imagine this level of relaxation a month ago.

I was balancing too much and losing all semblances of sanity in the process. I was preparing for another summer of too much work and not enough relaxation until I realized I wasn’t appreciating the rewards of the sacrifices. I hadn’t stopped to stare at the clouds in ages or meditated because it’s Monday.

So I made a decision I’d been pondering for months. I chose to bypass a summer gig or internship and spend this epic summer conquering a bucket list.

We all deserve a similar sabbatical and summer is the ideal season to toss inhibitions to the wind and embark on whirlwind adventures. Freedom from the constraints of life offers an opportunity to truly seize the season and explore adventures assumed unattainable.

My summer bucket list includes world traveling, attending conferences and soaking in hot springs. Yours can be as inexpensive and simple as meditating an hour a week or tanning at the local beach every Wednesday. Here are several tips for planning a summer bucket list full of eternal memories.

Create a Summer Vacation Calendar

A summer vacation calendar full of plans and activities offers unparalleled guidance. It can be used to pencil in fun based on a work schedule or plan an extended weekend in the Dominican Republic.

Don’t Waste Time

Don’t waste a singular minute this summer. Time will not wait for us. Summer will breeze past quickly, so don’t wait to enjoy it. Start now. Plan a trip to the amusement park or zoo now. Organize a cocktail hour complete with barbeque for your closest friends. Seize each moment.

Be Irrational

A rational mind rarely achieves greatness. Be spontaneous and flexible this summer. Travel alone to an exotic island or plan a last-minute road trip to Las Vegas. Do something radical that will leave no room for regret e.g. going to the gun range or building a go-cart.

Document It All

You will want to remember this summer, so document it through pictures, videos, scrapbooking or Vine. A 90-day picture challenge might assist with accomplishing this, but capturing memories requires no prompting.

Let Out Your Inner Child

Unleash that child who lived without fear this summer. You won’t regret it.

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