Black Woman AcneTake it from me: Acne sucks. Instead of simply cleansing naturally clear skin, my daily battle against an oily mug, dark spots and breakouts calls for a strict regimen of medicated creams, facial exfoliators and moisturizers that just might not work. (I’m clearly a sucker for commercials that guarantee smooth skin and a clear complexion.) Over time, my face ignores topical fixes and forces another remix to my routine. However, my super go-green kick has me sprinting back to skin-clearing basics that have worked for ages.

Are you suffering not-so-awesome skin? Sick of spending ends on expensive creams, too? This list to beating acne the natural (inexpensive!) way is for especially for you. –Niki McGloster (@missjournalism)

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  • Definitely battling acne on all fronts is key. I’ve finally come to the realization that I need to overhaul my diet. It breaks my heart because I love omelets, greek yogurt, nachos, pizza and anything with tomatoes. I’ve also read that whole wheat (gluten), peanut butter, strawberries, seafood veggies, tomatoes, and salsa can worsen acne if you’re sensitive to it. These foods have oils and acid that may be too much for you skin. Looking into an alkaline (eating more dark green veggies/less acidic foods) diet can help a lot.

    Topically, I’ve been using raw honey as a cleanser per HeyFranHey (I get all my natural remedies from her) and I like it. I’m tired of stripping my face and I’m really tired of dropping 5-8 bucks on products my face will get used to. I’ve also learned to trust my face and let it rebalance itself. I only wash at night and in the morning I just rinse with water and apply witch hazel toner/sunscreen.

    I’ve tried steaming before, but my face broke out horribly right after I did it. I’m real apprehensive about trying that again. Also, has anyone tried an aspirin mask? I’ve been hearing about those but haven’t tried it yet.

  • Tru

    In some cases acne will never go away, no matter what natural remedies or doctor prescribed medications you try. It will be there forever.

    • Naps93!

      Why the thumbs down? This is true for some. I have hormonal acne, and though bc helps to regulate my break outs. I still have acne flare ups. Such is life!

  • Ashley.

    Honey works wonders too. Peep HeyFranHey.

  • Pyteena

    The Acnedote line from Alba Botanicals has worked wonders on my oily, hormonal, adult acne. All natural ingredients and reasonably priced. I buy it at Earthfare (similar to Whole Foods).

  • Nicky Skipper

    The Living Nature balancing range has done the trick for me – I had period / hormonal breakouts through until my mid30s – now very rare and obviously still need to make sure I keep the water intake up and the stress levels down…! the products have manuka oil and manuka honey – natural antiseptics and no nasty chemical ingreds.