old-navy-flip-flopsI can’t count how many pairs of flip-flops I own. If I’m not wearing heels, I’m usually grabbing a pair of flip-flops before I leave the house. And yes, I’m one of those people who choose to wear them all year round. But what’s easy to wear, isn’t always easy for your feet.  When I wear flip-flops for an extended amount of time, I do notice that my Achilles will start to bother me. Also, after a few hours of walking around in flip-flops that offer no support, my feet tend to get swollen.

Podiatrists definitely feel that flip-flops are a big no-no and should be worn only for short periods of time.

“Flip flops generally do not provide the type of support that most of us need for prolonged walking or standing. In addition, they are usually too flat for most people. This can lead to pain and fatigue in the feet, calves, Achilles tendon, shins or lower back. Flip flops are fine for lounging at pools, parks or the beach, but many people overuse them and choose them as their all-purpose summer walking shoes,” stated Dr. Laurie Weisenfeld, a renowned podiatrist.


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  • Mademoiselle

    Most of the western world is a detriment to our health. Walking on concrete/asphalt is unnatural, and sends shocks up our joints and spinal cords — that’s why cushioned shoes are so important, and why running on grass is so much more comfortable than running down a sidewalk. Flip flops are one step up from walking around barefoot. Not only that, but so much of women’s clothing spits in the face of practicality. I’ve recently been thinking about starting a campaign to get designers to make our clothes the way men’s clothes are made: women come with different neck sizes, arm lengths, head circumferences, waist sizes, leg lengths, etc. just like men, yet only men’s clothes are made to those specific measurements, while we’re shackled to the very limiting 0, 2, 4, 6, 8 system that OCCASIONALLY gives us a “tall/short” option. High heels seem to be made purposely painful, and low heels seem to be made purposely uncreative. It’s time for the madness to stop. I want “chic comfort” or “comfortable catwalk.” Is that too much to ask? Sorry if I got a little rant-y.

    • Miakoda

      “Not only that, but so much of women’s clothing spits in the face of practicality.”

      I have been saying this for so long and is why I dress so casually. Being in frilly, fancy clothes is not practical for someone like me who does a lot of walking and riding public transportation.

      Practicality is why I used to buy men’s wallets and gloves.

    • Chelley5483

      Loving your concept Mademoiselle and if you start that campaign and/or pitch the idea yourself, you definitely have a customer in me.

  • sixfoota

    Funny ya’ll post this bc last weekend a friend & I attended the Beyonce concert (which was amazing btw) & afterward we were still hype so we decided to go to the House of Blues to party some more. When we got there, I decided to forego by 6 inch heels I brought along with me to change into (bc honey I wore Tom’s to Bey’s concert so I could dance) & went with some flip flops that I also brought along (gotta be prepared).

    Anywho, by the end of the night, the heels of my feet were throbbing!!! I swear it’s like damned if you, damned if you don’t. I almost feel like my 6 inch heels would’ve done me better bc at least my foot would’ve been elevated.

  • HTown

    I don’t get the flip flop craze. I still look at them as shower shoes and wearing them completely throws off an outfit. It just screams lazy. Lol….that’s just me tho.

    • Tina

      ITA. I hate to see women wear them in a professional environment even on casual day.

  • I don’t wear flip flops or heels for the same reason (discomfort). I’m all about wearing stylish sandals/shoes which “fit” my foot type.