When Jordana Abraham, Samantha Fishbein and Aleen Kuperman were students at Cornell University, the trio decided to come up with a new b-word. Their term, “Betch,” which sounds suspiciously close to its sometimes offensive predecessor, has been their ticket to the top.

For Abraham, Fishbien, and Kuperman, a “Betch” is a grown up mean girl who is always, always looking out for number one.

The self-professed betches live by two rules: “If you don’t have anything mean to say, don’t say it at all,” and “Don’t be easy, don’t be ugly, don’t be poor.”

While many would be repulsed by their stance, the betches have launched a successful website, written a self-help book, amassed 150,000 Twitter followers, and may even land a TV show.

I guess it really does pay to be a betch.

But before folks get their knickers in a bunch, the trio admits the betch movement is all in fun.

“Of course it’s satire, Abrahams admitted. “The betch voice has become very easy to us. It’s like an evil whisper in our heads. The alter egos we’ve made … it’s extremely exaggerated and a bit ridiculous.”

But as Ami Angelowicz of The Frisky wonders, with so many real life b*tches in the world, do we really need fake ones?

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  • shay

    Sounds like some white girl ish……im lovin these comments tho

  • L

    I’m tired of people claiming the “it’s just Satire” card when they are expressing how they truly feel. If you’re a B1tch then just be a b1tch. no need to rename it and try to make it lighthearted.

  • I don’t get it. They are still being b1tches.

  • Mr. Man

    What is wrong people?!
    This is like hyperdumb high school crap. Ugh my mind hurts.

  • jubilee1

    middle one is fat and has a big nose. the one to the right is FUGLY. the one on the left has a man’s face.

    sorry, “betches,” but you’re no VS models. 6 out of 10