Beyonce performed in Detroit over the weekend and dedicated a song and video to the city. The superstar sang Sam Cooke’s “A Change is Gonna Come” during the stop on her highly-anticipated “The Mrs. Carter Show” tour as a tribute to the city that filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy in the face of an $18-20 billion dollar debt.

The performance was filmed for a tribute video released today alongside footage of artists from Detroit like Aaliyah and Aretha Franklin, stills of people working and messages about perseverance.



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  • Dang, celebs can’t seem to catch a break with making people happy who have nothing to do with their time nor money!

    For me I believe since we live in a capitalist economy/society it is no one’s business what another does with their time and money. So the shade towards beyonce and Jay is unwarranted in my opinion. What has anyone who doesn’t live in Detroit done for Detroit these past 10 years? *crickets*

    I think it’s dope Bey did a tribute. That’s what Detroit needs some hope and a boost in morale. She’s done more for detroit with a tribute than anyone questioning her motives or why she didn’t do more.

    As much as I used to think Bey was an airhead, too busy with her glamorous life, I’m certain she’s up on current events.

    I’m not sure why people want something huge from her, she can’t save a city nor is she obligated to do so.

    • A Map for the Lovely Lady

      I agree with everything you said here, except for the part about Beyoncé being an airhead.

      I’m sorry, but I can just see her asking an assistant or Jay-Z, “Detroit. Dat’s in Chicago, right?”

  • Sula

    Nice gesture, but I also think it’d be nice if she “dedicated” some funds to the City. Just sayin’…

  • She maybe an airhead, but she was able to lead,with a lot of success, her personal and professional life.kudos to her!!.