Charles Ramsey Earns Free Burgers for Life

Black Internet memes come and go after their fifteen minutes of fame.  And occasionally the “go” part includes going broke.  Charles Ramsey isn’t an exception to the rule.  It was all lights, camera and action after Ramsey “rescued” three women who were held captive in a mad man’s house in Ohio for a decade.  Unfortunately for Ramsey, a life time of burgers doesn’t pay the bills or provide a roof over his head.

Ramsey is now unemployed and homeless. He said that he’s homeless because no landlord wants the hassle of taking him in. He claims he can’t hold down a job because of the attention he receives. He said when he worked in a kitchen so many customers would barge in to shake his hand that he was fired.

According to the Daily Mail, Ramsey earned $30,000 after he discovered the women which included $15,000 in donations from those who wished him well. Meanwhile, he is scheduled to appear at four more speaking engagements and can expect his earnings to hit $50,000. 

From the Daily Mail:

Ramsey bought the BMW, which he was forced to sleep in for a few nights, paid off debts and before long the $15,000 raised for him in an online fund by well-wishers was gone.

Ramsey says that he has gone for jobs as a prep cook, restaurant worker and a dishwasher, which was his old job before he became famous.

But once word gets around of where he is working, it becomes impossible because of all the interest, even if he is out of sight of the public.

It all adds up to an unenviable paradox: Ramsey is too famous to lead a normal life, but not famous enough that he can make a career out of it, he says.

‘I don’t have an address, I don’t live anywhere. I go from house to house, to friend to friend, to family member to family member,’ he said. ‘What I’ve been doing for the past four weeks is wearing out my welcome with everybody who knows me.

‘Some places I don’t think I’m allowed to go back, I don’t know why, I don’t do nothing.’

He pleaded: ‘Just give me a job.


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