CNN’s Don Lemon felt the need to have an honest and open conversation about the “n” word.  Open, honest and a ratings puller.  The panel included Human behavior expert Wendy Walsh, Huff-Post Live host Marc Lamont Hill and CNN contributor Buck Davis.

From Mediate:

Wendy Walsh provided context to the history of the n-word and how people are punished for merely saying them. She said, “The more they become taboo, they more they keep their power, and we get even more nervous about using them.” Lemon marveled at how the n-word was perfectly acceptable to say on television in the 1970s, but not in the present day. Marc Lamont Hill said it’s perfectly fine to use the word in context, but white people should “absolutely not” use it.

He said, “You just have to accept that there are some things in the world, just, at least one thing, that you can’t do that black people can!” Walsh countered that white teenagers might use it with their black friends because they listen to hip-hop and consider it more a term of endearment, and questioned why white people can’t merely “sing along” to rap lyrics. An exasperated Hill asked, “Why are white people fighting so fiercely for the right to use the n-word? Just let it go!”

Buck Davis explained the important historical difference between the n-word and “cracker,” adding that a lot of people aren’t able to “connect with the pain” black people feel when they hear it. As they went to commercial, Walsh said, “I’m still gonna sing in my car to music I pay for!”

Don Lemon will continue the conversation on the use of the N-Word in America, Monday, July 1st at 7pm (Live).

What do you think about their opinions on the “n” word?


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