Coffee Shop Fires New Hire After Horrible Travyon Martin Tweet

Stupidity and social media has cost a teenager her job at a coffee shop in Michigan. The 17-year-old, who had been hired at a Biggby Coffee franchise in Livonia, Mich. but not yet begun training or started working reportedly tweeted on the night of the guilty verdict: “I want to thank god… for that bullet that killed Trayvon Martin,” according to CBS Detroit.

The employee’s tweet went public after a story on Monday reported the tweet came from a Biggby Coffee employee. The story spurned the social media outrage against the coffee company. Eventually the new hire deleted her account while the company’s Facebook and Twitter pages were flooded with complaints, with some calling for a boycott and demanding the worker’s firing.

Biggby released a statement in response to the incident which cited a suspension, but by Thursday, she was fired:

BIGGBY COFFEE does not in any way condone the statements made by the employee at one of its franchise locations. The employee in question has been identified and has never worked in a BIGGBY COFFEE. This person was recently hired, but had not yet started training or working behind the counter. We have asked that the employee be suspended pending additional details. 

The thoughts and opinions of BIGGBY COFFEE franchise employees do not reflect the thoughts and opinions of BIGGBY COFFEE.

BIGGBY COFFEE’s cultural values have been and continue to be: B-Happy, Have fun, Make friends, Love people,Drink great coffee

Twitter, unmasking stupidity one tweet at time.

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  • j

    I could say this is a post to realize what you post matters online. but instead ill say thank goodness our sick heart is exposed. Id rather be jobless then a racist

  • Kay Hicks

    I thank God for the media, social network, power of the masses of consumers who threatened to boycott, The CEO of Bigby and for your stupidity silly little girl because of all these factors it’s one less bigot working with the public. And now because of your stupidity and your picture from Twitter many other businesses will be smart enough not to hire a hateful mean spirited person like yourself. May God touch your hateful, black heart and heal you.

  • Tsaun

    The ingrained hatred from these people is draining….. Smh.!!!