The Royal Baby

Photo via The Telegraph

I don’t know about you, but I’m totally over Prince William and Kate Middleton’s baby…and he was just born yesterday.

For the last few weeks the American media has worked itself into a tizzy over a baby that is now third in line to be King of England (whatever that really means considering the monarchy has no actual control over the country).

When Kate went into the hospital, American media outlets went on “baby watch” and dispatched reporters across the Pond to cover every single minute of the impending birth. Now that the little royal one is here, many are hoping to catch the first glimpse of his face.

Yesterday, hungry cameras trained their lenses on Tony Appleton, a professional “town crier,” and his animated presentation announcing the royal baby.

I mean, I get it. Babies are exciting. But should Americans be getting themselves THIS worked up over the birth of a child from a country we broke away from some 237 years ago?

After all, didn’t we shun the monarchy, choosing instead to adopt the “more perfect union” we have today? Or are Americans feeling just a wee bit nostalgic for Ye Olde days when we were under the thumb of the Queen?

What say you Clutchettes, are you caught up in royal baby fever?  

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  • Its fantisy of it all. We don’t have royalty in America, just celebraties and we worship them. Much of American folklore is based in the old world and with it, the imagination as well romantizing of monarches and such. Who here hasn’t read a fairytale about a prince or pincess to their duaghter? It all connects so just ride it out until the next distraction, um I mean important story breaks.

  • Child, Please

    I’d rather hear about the Royal Baby (a positive news story) than about the killing of someone ( a negative news story). While I get this article is about the “unnecessary” obsession with the “Royal Baby,” it kind of contributes to the frenzy. Plus, as much as the American public and “media” fawned over Blue Ivy and North West, I’m surprised there wasn’t anything saying how that was overkill. I’d seen far more press about them than the “Royal Baby” and even the Royal Wedding got more coverage. I just don’t see the point in being a Negative Nancy when there has been nonstop news coverage of all things negative this summer. Lighten up!

  • Ms. Write

    I have never understood royalty obsession. From the wedding, down to what Kate Middelton is wearing and now this baby. I just don’t care. SMH What does a monarchy actually DO when the monarchy isn’t even relevant anymore???

  • tt

    two words: white America !!!!

  • asdfghjk

    lmao these kinds of questions are never asked right because it isn’t why are Americans obsessed, it’s why is the MEDIA TRAIN obsessed with telling us. Now of course their are some people that are really into it but that is beside the point, most people couldn’t care less.

    Our media has gotten way too pop culture obsessed–for whatever reason, and there is only so much you can take. I’m so glad I don’t watch certain stations like I used to because I would be very tired of it. I’m not annoyed like I was when they got engaged and I had to listen to those “journalist” chumps gawk at every stupid detail. Real people with real problems don’t give not one fuck or two shits about these teabags, whether they are from here or from Britain, it’s overkill.

    Once I was watching the today show and I remember some woman being up there talking about their engagement when that was big. Someone mentioned something about Americans feeling like it was important news or not important, or something, and she acted so offended and was saying she was offend or angered hearing us complain about it because it was “important time in our history” or some shit and I’m looking at the tv like go back to where you came from, we are fatigued, and if you hear complaints you will deal. She had the nerve to be so taken aback. Go down a pint of lager or something.

    Sometimes I feel like they do this stuff so they don’t have to talk about real news and keep folks in the dark about important matters. Also note that by real news I don’t mean doom and gloom stuff all the time. I wish we heard more good news around the world too.