The Royal Baby

Photo via The Telegraph

I don’t know about you, but I’m totally over Prince William and Kate Middleton’s baby…and he was just born yesterday.

For the last few weeks the American media has worked itself into a tizzy over a baby that is now third in line to be King of England (whatever that really means considering the monarchy has no actual control over the country).

When Kate went into the hospital, American media outlets went on “baby watch” and dispatched reporters across the Pond to cover every single minute of the impending birth. Now that the little royal one is here, many are hoping to catch the first glimpse of his face.

Yesterday, hungry cameras trained their lenses on Tony Appleton, a professional “town crier,” and his animated presentation announcing the royal baby.

I mean, I get it. Babies are exciting. But should Americans be getting themselves THIS worked up over the birth of a child from a country we broke away from some 237 years ago?

After all, didn’t we shun the monarchy, choosing instead to adopt the “more perfect union” we have today? Or are Americans feeling just a wee bit nostalgic for Ye Olde days when we were under the thumb of the Queen?

What say you Clutchettes, are you caught up in royal baby fever?  

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