So maybe it was more of a meltdown than a protest.

But on Friday, Peter Conn was randomly walking the streets of Chicago and happened upon Dwayne Wade’s ex-wife, Siohvaughn Funches, sitting on a street in Chicago holding a sign.

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Conn told Deadspin that he  overheard Funches ranting about “$90 million contracts” and “houses on the water.”


It’s safe to say Funches is still having a hard time dealing with her divorce and the custody battle she’s been involved with over the last couple of years.

Earlier this month, Funches filed a new lawsuit against Wade over proceeds from his endorsement deals. She’s claiming proceeds from Wade’s endorsement deals are not being fully deposited into a joint account controlled by them both, as required in a 2008 agreement. The suit claims Funches has been unable to pay her mortgage or home or auto insurance because of funds withheld from Wade’s endorsement deals with retailers T-Mobile, Staples, Gatorade and Li Ning, a Chinese sporting goods company.

Maybe it’s quite possible she is on the streets, or just another cry for attention.



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  • Tiffy

    I just wanna shake her and say “Siohvaghn get your ass off the sidewalk and get your shit together yea he was dead wrong but you’re making yourself look like a damn fool”

  • MimiLuvs

    Slightly off-topic:
    Just reading several news reports about celebrities, their exes and the disputes about divorce settlements (or child supports disputes), I wonder if these women have any… for the lack of a better term… Any survival instincts?
    If I was in their shoes, but I still had my intelligence and smarts, I can make $35,000 and a $1 Million dollar settlement work out for me and for my children.
    In regards to the child support disputes, I understand why a mother would go into ‘beast-mode’ when it comes to the child(ren)’s father being financial responsible. But, I do believe that some women do try to receive a lot of money for child support, because they are trying to hit the father where it hurts though.
    re: Siovaughn, Dwayne and Gabrielle situation
    I don’t know the exact cause for why Wade and Siovaughn had gotten divorce. However, I’ve read a few articles (off of gossip blogs) that Siovaughn doesn’t has her hands clean, when it comes to the dirt that happened in their marriage.

  • Deal-n-Truth

    When I waded through all of the sensationalism, I realized that she wasn’t homeless as so many other websites tried to make her appear. As a mother I understand her sentiments, but there are better ways to do things and I think she should have been more private in her approach instead of trying to embarrass her ex-husband. The only thing she did was embarrass herself and came off looking deranged.

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