Facebook has finally rolled out it’s much talked about Graph Search feature in the U.S.  It’s basically a Facebook search on steroids. Graph Search allows users to search Facebook to get results based on words or phrases, similar to how Google or Bing operates.  If your Facebook page isn’t private, anything and everything about you will be searchable.  Even down to an article of clothing you’re wearing.  A search for purple shoes may bring up a photo of you in those purple stilettos you wore on a night out.

But thankfully, the intrusiveness of Graph Search is avoidable.

Kevin Smith, from Business Insider, gives a breakdown of what you can do to protect yourself from prying eyes on Facebook:


Also, if you’re not a fan of the huge Graph Search bar on your profile, you can completely eliminate it. Since Graph Search has only rolled out in the U.S., if you switch your Facebook language settings to Enlish (UK), by heading over to your General Account Settings, it’ll get rid of the unattractive bar completely. Or at least until it rolls out in the UK.

Happy Facebooking!

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  • The Comment

    Talk about George Orwell’s, ‘1984’ Jesus. I’m closing my account. Thanks for posting this.

    • guest

      That was my favorite book in high school. technology has allowed us to become an Orwellian society.

  • guest

    When I found out I couldn’t delete old tagged pics of myself it was a wrap.

  • E.M.S.

    I don’t understand why people get so freaked out about this like this. The whole point of a social network is sharing information. You knew that when you signed up. If you’re not comfortable with it, get off Facebook.

    SETTINGS people. Use ’em. Adjust them accordingly, and you have nothing to worry about. Facebook now allows you limit visibility of old posts & untag yourself from friends; photos, as well as not let them appear unless you approve them.