Pop culture references are so often the great connector between people who don’t otherwise know each other. We may be from different parts of the country, but we’ve all seen the “Single Ladies” dance and can recall the Gordon Gartrell episode of The Cosby Show.  But you know what’s awkward? When you’re the one who hasn’t seen or heard or read that thing that everyone else seems to be familiar with.

What sort of cultural commonalities managed to evade you? I’ll kick my list of things that somehow passed me by…add yours in the comments! Maybe we can connect in our lack of connected-ness.

  1. The Karate Kid: I never saw the first, second, third or however many of these there were. I knew what Chris Brown meant went he referred to “Wax on, wax off”, but I’m not sure why. On a related note, I want to know who wrote that verse for him, because I KNOW Chris Brown didn’t know what harakari is.
  2. Video Games: I had a Nintendo. No Super. I remember Mario Brothers, Zelda and Duck Hunt but that’s about it. Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat references evaded me in 1994 and they do the same thing now.
  3. The DaVinci Code: It seems like everyone has read this. I have not read this.
  4. Harry Potter: I attempted to watch one of these movies in 2005 and I failed. I never attempted to read one of the books. I can’t even have a good ‘that’s for nerds!’ laugh at people who did check for the Hogwarts Sweathogs or whatever they are called, because everyone else seems to have gotten into it.
  5. The Bible: (awkward silence) Um. Yeah. People take for granted that everyone is highly familiar with this text. That is not true.
  6. The Color Purple: I read the book many times, but I’ve only seen the movie once…as a child, years ago. I’m highly confused as to how “You told Harpo to beat me!” became a joke for so many. I need to go on and see it again.
  7. Scarface: I know enough about it to know that your cousins need a better hero to celebrate on t-shirts and bedroom walls, though.
Speak up, Clutchettes and Clutch Gents! What pop culture standards passed you by?


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