Janelle Monae BUST MagazineWith a pop of red lipstick and nail polish, explosive star Janelle Monáe graces the cover of BUST magazine in her usual monochromatic black and white hues–black tie, white collared shirt and checkered suit jacket.

Almost never without her signature pompadour, the brown-skinned CoverGirl spokeswoman exercises her subtle sex appeal in a fitted, wide-striped blazer and open-toe pumps. In another shot, the Kansas City native rocks a brilliant white blazer atop a black-and-white ruffled blouse.

Between flicks, the “Q.U.E.E.N.” singer dishes on her KC upbringing, being a maid before the fame and her obsession with the sci-fi future.

On growing up in Kansas City:“I grew up in a very big family. My mom has nine sisters and two brothers, so right now I have over 50 first cousins. I never really had any need for outside friends because my family was enough for me. My parents both worked really hard. We were living from check to check, but I never felt like I was in need of anything.”

On earning money to move to NYC:

“After high school, I needed money to go to New York, but nobody would hire me. Then this lady from my church who was the supervisor at a cleaning service said, “Come here and I’ll hire you.” I was the youngest maid there, and all the women would ask me to sing while we cleaned. I was the only one with a clean record. A lot of the women were ex-convicts trying to get back on their feet.”

On her love of sci-fi:

“I thought science fiction was a great way of talking about the future. It doesn’t make people feel like you’re talking about things that are happening right now, so they don’t feel like you’re talking down to them. It gives the listener a different perspective.”


Read the full interview here

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  • RenJennM

    She’s beautiful and fabulous! Love her.

  • Chaks

    Why is she always looking like that? She seems like such a one-trick pony.

    • NY’s Finest

      As negative as it might seem I have to kinda agree with you. I’m becoming a little bored with her. She’s a beautiful girl but she’s just too predictable.

  • As a Black woman, I preferred this mag over Essence for the longest. They are not as extreme as B!tch or Ms and I like some of the crafting articles. As far as JM is concerned, I think she’s a nice change from “Bouncy”, sounds better than Rhi-Rhi Goat and many others.