Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z not boycotting Florida

If you’re on Facebook, I’m sure you’ve seen the post circulating touting the list of artists who are allegedly boycotting Florida in the wake of the George Zimmerman verdict. While Stevie Wonder has indeed proclaimed that he will not set foot in the Sunshine State until the stand your ground law is history, a long list of celebs (Kanye West, Jay-Z, Mary Mary, Tray Songz, R. Kelly, Madonna, Rihanna, the Rolling Stones, etc.) who supposedly joined Wonder’s cause began circulating across social media.

While I knew the list couldn’t have been true–I mean, no one cited a single credible source saying so, it just appeared via Washington D.C.-based journalist April Ryan–the list was widely passed around and fans both praised and criticized the artists for taking a stand.

Even the mainstream media jumped on the share bandwagon. The Huffington Post reported the story on Monday, US Weekly followed suit, and Fox covered the story, although they admitted  there was conflicting information whether or not about Jay-Z and Timberlake were actually participating.

Well, time to put the rumors to rest. They aren’t boycotting Florida.

According to Yahoo news, representatives for Jay-Z, Madonna, and Justin Timberlake (among other stars) have “strongly denied” the boycott. A rep for the Rolling Stones told Mother Jones that the band hasn’t even heard of the list and has no plans on a boycott. Moreover, Jay-Z and Timberlake’s “Legends of the Summer” concert scheduled on August 16 in Florida will go on as planned.

While it would be nice if more stars lent more than just their presence at rallies (and shouts out on social media) to the cause, blindly sharing a fake list of celebs supposedly taking a stand does little to support those, like the Dream Defenders, who really are putting themselves on the line to change the law.

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