Last August, kid rappers Y.N.RichKids found Internet fame with “Hot Cheetos & Takis,”. Their song, which was written written as part of Minneapolis after-school program Beats and Rhymes, not only racked up millions of YouTube views, but also earned the youngsters a 4 star (out of 5)  review in Rolling Stone

Just in case you missed it:

It also left plenty of people wondering what exactly is a Taki?

Apparently, someone at Draftfcb, one of the largest global advertising agency networks, knew the answer. Draftfcb is currently involved in revamping K-Mart’s brand and over the past couple of months, their back to school commercials have been getting a lot of attention.

Da Rich Kidzz are back with “My Limo,” a K-Mart’s corporate anthem about riding the bus, back-to-school shopping and other kid stuff:

Known for appealing to the budget conscious, K-Mart’s rebranding efforts seems to attempt to appeal to the “urban” budget conscious.  But having 50 year old white men write rap lyrics or Yo Momma  jokes performed by kids isn’t sitting well with a lot of  people.

Here’s a look at K-Mart’s “Yo Momma” shops on lay-a-way commercial:

And here’s a look at the comments on K-Mart’s Facebook page:


kmart4 kmart3 kmartad2

Well a round of applause to Randy Lahey, who unlike K-Mart, single-handedly tried to offer a rebuttal to each post made by a disgruntled K-Mart shopper.  Growing up everyone said Yo Momma jokes on the playground.  And in regards to the rapping kids, maybe people would be happier if they had little Justin Biebers singing and dancing in a pair of baggy skinny leggings.

In an effort to “fun” up their commercials, K-Mart may have hit a bump in the road. But as the saying goes, you can’t please everyone.


What do you think of K-Mart’s new commercials?

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