Last August, kid rappers Y.N.RichKids found Internet fame with “Hot Cheetos & Takis,”. Their song, which was written written as part of Minneapolis after-school program Beats and Rhymes, not only racked up millions of YouTube views, but also earned the youngsters a 4 star (out of 5)  review in Rolling Stone

Just in case you missed it:

It also left plenty of people wondering what exactly is a Taki?

Apparently, someone at Draftfcb, one of the largest global advertising agency networks, knew the answer. Draftfcb is currently involved in revamping K-Mart’s brand and over the past couple of months, their back to school commercials have been getting a lot of attention.

Da Rich Kidzz are back with “My Limo,” a K-Mart’s corporate anthem about riding the bus, back-to-school shopping and other kid stuff:

Known for appealing to the budget conscious, K-Mart’s rebranding efforts seems to attempt to appeal to the “urban” budget conscious.  But having 50 year old white men write rap lyrics or Yo Momma  jokes performed by kids isn’t sitting well with a lot of  people.

Here’s a look at K-Mart’s “Yo Momma” shops on lay-a-way commercial:

And here’s a look at the comments on K-Mart’s Facebook page:


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Well a round of applause to Randy Lahey, who unlike K-Mart, single-handedly tried to offer a rebuttal to each post made by a disgruntled K-Mart shopper.  Growing up everyone said Yo Momma jokes on the playground.  And in regards to the rapping kids, maybe people would be happier if they had little Justin Biebers singing and dancing in a pair of baggy skinny leggings.

In an effort to “fun” up their commercials, K-Mart may have hit a bump in the road. But as the saying goes, you can’t please everyone.


What do you think of K-Mart’s new commercials?

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    First of all, let me say it feeds every single stereotype black folks have in 2013. Little black kids sitting in the BACK of the bus RAPPING and dressed ‘URBAN’ with GOLD CHAINS on. Thats not racist? Really? Keep in mind that K MART is run and owned by white folks. They are targeting black folks in the hood and the only way they could think of doing that is by being racist! Say what you want this commercial is RACIST and I dont like it! Then they add a lil white girl to make it seem ‘not racist’! BULLSHIT! Fuck K MART! Fuck these racist commercials!

  • Bridgette

    I am embarrassed for everyone involved with that ad campaign. The “Yo mama so fiscally responsible she put it on lay away.” Nope. Not even close. If your mother had her stuff together she would be able to save up or even use a credit card to purchase your school clothes/uniforms. She has 9 months that you are gone to school to be able to earn money to buy those things. The reason your mother puts things on lay away is because after getting her first credit card and 2-3 store cards she blew them out getting your Jordans, PS3s, fitted hats, and 40 inch LCD tv (this was years ago) among other things. Who knows, probably got a cell phone contract too and then added ‘family lines’ of 8 different friends so they could get free/cheap (1st gen) iPhones and then bombed out on that, Dish service and probably at&t DSL after not paying them since they don’t take a target store card. sigh. After that the creditors made it pretty impossible to get a bank account, coupled with the Student Loan that she never actually went to community college for and now has to run her whole life over $2500 bucks. It did mean many nights of fast food/delivery, a trip to the outlet malls with her girl and possibly a second tv for the kids room so the 3 and 5 year olds wouldn’t have to fight over what they watched at night, always waking her up. Using her Auntie’s name to register for and tank another store credit card severed that relation and cut off that sporadic income. She now gets various forms of county and state SSI and even that coupled with a $1 section 8 rent and no, kid, your mom still doesn’t care enough about you to save for a month and buy you a freaking $3.00 backpack or .50 for a pack of sigh pencils or even freaking paper. You would think that someone nearly twice your age would be able to scratch up some coin for their spawn but they can’t be bothered. They are more concerned with sitting. Maybe if your siblings had actually qualified for some sort of disorder like your cousin’s kids did then you might have the extra governmental scratch necessary for clothes, but she would probably get her 4th T-Mobile Android Froyo smartphone to keep up with “Snappa and Wan’ they must’ve bumped they heads on this facebook!” That is why lay away is not really fiscally responsible and yo mama is selling you short..shorty. Just my take on it. Gross series of commercials. The kids could be cute but the scenarios and the embarrassing lyrics and scripts are just plain bad. The other poster that made the ask body spray joke- that was pretty funny. The other person with the pizza joke-not so much.

  • DK

    Fairly simple ideology if you ask me, an educated successful adult… The “Yo momma” commercial is attempting to attract Hispanic children first, African American children second, and Caucasian children third.. Given that the three races are spotlighted in that order (it is for a reason if you understand psychology and how the brain works). The least wealthy races are spotlighted with their jokes in a particular order so that the children see it and want to shop there and “be cool” like those kids…. Now the school bus commercial is mainly targeting African American children and families. It’s beyond well known that the rap industry is mainly made up of African Americans and only few Caucasian and Hispanics. Note that this commercial spotlighted African Americans with no Hispanics or Caucasians but one. This commercial was meant for younger African Americans to see it and think “Wow, those kids are awesome! They shop at K-Mart, lets go ask mommy and daddy if I can go”. The multi-multi million dollar company K-Mart could have found Caucasian or Hispanic children to do the same thing, but they know they will get more business from African American families.. This is all simple psychology and a way of making money, whether or not they include morals and ethics is on their own conscious, it is up to us as adults to decide whether we will shop there. Besides, K-Mart has only got more and more broke over the years, they will not last long, bad move on their part with these commercials. I will never be back on this random blog I for some reason stumbled upon, especially considering the writer sounds high school educated to begin with. Nevertheless, hope you all can understand life a little easier without such a haze in your eyes.

  • Mike

    I absolutely love the song and the choreography. I just don’t like the disrespectful nature (i.e. ‘don’t need a pass’, waking through the halls three wide like they own the place, putting your hand right up to the camera lens like it’s in our face, throwing gold confetti at the camera) and the casual language when it is so difficult to teach proper English to some children. Playful is great. But it just doesn’t seem to set a very good example for children’s behavior in school.