Mom tries to hire woman to take son's virginity

An over-bearing Philadelphia mom wrote one of the most embarrassing and creepy ads in Craigslist history.

Labeling her ad “Sugar Baby for my Son,” the mom hoped to hire an “experienced” young woman to seduce her son and teach him some moves. The mother’s goal? To help her nerdy, but athletic, Harvard-bound son be more confident around women.

She explains: “My son is a senior in High School and I want to help him. He’s 18 and will go away to Harvard in the fall. He’s extremely smart but socially awkward, has never had a girlfriend and I’m sure he’s a virgin.”

Mom continues her weird request, “I’ll buy 4 tickets to some great concert coming up and give two to my son and to you…He’ll go to the show with one of his buddies (no way he’ll take a girl, he’s too shy to ask them and) and you and your friend will be in the seats next to him. Now you spring into action. You start talking to him during the concert and eventually pick him up. Ask him to take you somewhere after and ditch your friends. Then you seduce him and take his virginity. Keep dating him (and showing him different sex positions) til he goes to college and then let him go gently so he’ll have the confidence to date other girls once he’s there.”

The mom promises to make the lucky young woman’s “financial issues disappear” if she accepts this bizarre request.

Thankfully, the post has been flagged and taken down by Craigslist, but something tells me this woman will keep trying to hook her unsuspecting son up. I just hope he escapes to college before she succeeds.

*h/t to Gawker.

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  • MimiLuvs

    I find this to be sad yet amusing and then I feel slightly ashamed for finding this to be amusing.
    The mom does appear to be over-bearing in the Mrs. Bates type of way.
    But, Mama better be careful because the wrong type of woman might respond to that ad. Her precious Baby Boy could find his ‘Sunshine’ and soon will be telling his mom that he’s not going to Harvard and he ain’t coming back home.

  • Kacey

    Umm….Besides the fact that she should stay out of her son’t sex life, did it ever occur to her that her son might not even like girls? And that the “friend” he’s likely to take to the concert because “he’s too shy to ask [a girl]” might be more than a friend?

  • Misha

    Well she get’s the “Mother of the Year” award…

  • Very weird. Wasn’t there a movie about something like this. Mom and Dad hired a beauty to help get their crumbum son out of their house?

    • Marisa

      The movie was called Failure to Launch with Sarah Jessica and Matthew Mcconaughey.

  • Marisa

    To quote Quinn from the show Daria MA-OMMMMMM!!!!!!! Like come on lady can you be anymore creepy. I’m sure all parents have some concerns about their kid’s happiness in the relationship standpoint but, like my parents they STAY THE HELL OUT OF IT that is my domain not theirs. Anyways by doing this Mommy Dearest may have just guaranteed that no girl with substance would go anywhere near him, hmmmm could that be what she subconsciously really wants? Certain Mothers and Sons head with caution when getting involved.