After the George Zimmerman verdict, Florida has become “Public Enemy #1”. It’s alleged that more celebrities have decided to  boycott the Sunshine Stand Your Ground State.  Stevie Wonder was the first celebrity to announce he was done with Florida in protest of George Zimmerman’s acquittal and the state’s controversial “Stand Your Ground” law. Until the law is “abolished … I will never perform there again,” and that goes for any state that has a similar law, he said, according to NBC News.

Yesterday, Huffington Post reported, then retracted, a news report that Rihanna, Jay Z and Justin Timberlake were joining in the boycott.

The thing is, Florida isn’t the only state with “Stand Your Ground” laws on their books. At least 23 other states have similar laws providing varying degrees of legal protection to those who use force in perceived self-defense.

A boycott would definitely hit Florida in the pockets. But will people hold their convictions and keep the momentum of boycotting going, even after the news coverage has died down?

Open Thread: Do you think boycotting Florida will make a difference?


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  • “boycott unjust laws and bought/corrupted state legislators”

    remove ALL conservative and republicans from office…….

  • JJ

    I knew that “report” of a long list of black celebs boycotting was probably inaccurate. They don’t do anything unless it financially benefits them in some way, this is what Belafonte was talking about.

  • Ashley.

    Entertainers boycotting Florida because of it’s laws and legislation is about as stupid of an idea as can be. Really. People have to stop giving in to such knee jerk reactions. I want celebrities to get involved politically. Not have shows in Florida.

  • L

    I wish we would put effort in NOT supporting those who funded Zimmerman’s defense like the Koch Brothers. How about boycotting brands like Brawny, Dixie, Angel Soft and other products under the Koch umbrella. The African American community has so much consumer power but we just can’t come together to effectively make change with it.


    Other groups I’ve researched have attempted unsuccessfully to boycott Florida. I’m drawn to this topic because of all the Internet buzz about it, If anyone has information regarding any successful boycotts of Florida please let me know. I’m very curious. I have studied groups who have boycotted Florida, but nothing amounted from it. In fact, my stocks in Disney have risen. Business is good for Disney! Tourism in Florida is doing amazingly well from all the research I’ve done. They have multiple porn conventions, in addition to producing porn in Florida. They have Gay pride conventions and Gay Day at Disney. Even one of the largest music festivals in the world is held in Florida. In fact, they even have a gay spring break week in Key West. So many people from all over the world come to Florida. It would be hard to target all these groups and encourage them from coming, especially people who come to Florida for all the porn conventions. Seems like much too difficult of a task.