Abortion Contract

According to reports, NBA baller J.J. Redick and his ex-girlfriend Vanessa Lopez had an unusual agreement. The pair apparently sat down with their lawyers to hash out an “abortion contract” that said if Lopez became pregnant she would terminate the pregnancy, provide medical proof to Redick that the procedure was completed, and the couple would attempt to continue their relationship for one year. If Redick could not or would not continue dating Lopez,  the contract stipulated he would pay his ex $25,000.

Redick has denied that Lopez was ever pregnant with his child and/or obtained an abortion, but a slew of documents between Redick and his attorney indicate otherwise.

Reading about Redick and Lopez’s contract got me thinking. I wonder how many other couples (or friends with benefits?) have entered into such an agreement.

While I find it odd that a couple would draw up an abortion contract, then stipulate that the relationship will continue for a period of time or else money will exchange hands, it may just be a practical, albeit impersonal, solution to an emotionally fraught situation.

Would you ever enter into an abortion contract with your partner? How would you react if someone approached you with such an idea?

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  • Katrina

    Here’s a random thought that saves money and heartbreak: keep it in your pants. I guess being practical is just *too* complicated nowadays.

  • Just to clarifiy, I’m very pro-choice, but sorry, this is some sicko crap and it’s SO American. As an American who moved abroad, observing the difference between how average men, including middle and upper class men, seem to predominantly view unplanned pregnancies and impending fatherhood here in the UK presented a real eye opener to the prolonged adolescent mindset of American men by contrast. I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to live in a place where the majority of my single male friends and contemporaries have expressed positive attitudes regarding ‘oops’ pregnancies, and recognize that fatherhood presents opportunities for self-maturation through a process that they might not have planned, but plan to step up on. Here there seems to be a prevailing practical attitude that if you have sex, you risk getting someone pregnant, so there’s no need for deep surprise if it happens. People prepare themselves for how reality might play out, and are particularly sensitive about the reality that women might very well want to keep a pregnancy and have the baby. I’ve watched at least a dozen men who didn’t exactly seem like they were looking to be fathers shrug with a bit of swagger and say ‘That’s life…I’m going to be a father’ when asked about sudden babies on the way. I’ve also seen men I didn’t think would ever settle down just buck up and prepare themselves and become great dads in a year and a half turnaround. It isn’t that terminations aren’t available and women aren’t pro-choice here, it’s just that there is a much more generally family-embracing attitude where men are concerned, so accidental pregnancies are viewed with far less hostility.This always amazed me, coming from my own culture.

    Meanwhile in America, men continue to throw around options like abortion as if it’s a freaking trip to the drive-through car wash and like it’s THEIR BODY, and give so little thought to how pregnancy and fatherhood might present opportunities for them to grow the hell up, much less thought on how terminating a pregnancy might affect the woman.

    At the very end of the day, even considering the use of barrier and medical contraceptives, if a man is so hostile about the idea of his girlfriend and random sexual partners getting pregnant then he should just abstain from sex. Pregnancy is such a complicated time for women, how dare any man propose and draft such a ridiculous contract? I think the idea is dispicable. Theoretically the idea sucks, but also by practical standards, it is ill advised for any woman who hasn’t already experienced pregnancy for herself to sign such a contract because people have no idea how difficult it is for many to follow through with terminations. For many women, the hormonal boost creates legitimate attachments and a fierce protection instinct where the pregnancy is concerned which can’t be predicted or estimated beforehand, and then – who knows – the idea of a termination might seem like an incredibly horrible option if it really came down to it. One never knows how these things will pan out, and my concern will always rest with the mental and physical well-being of the person carrying the pregnancy; the woman. Sorry, Redick-head, but thems the breaks.

    • Rochelle

      What is it that you don’t understand? It is not that he doesn’t want children…….HE DOESN’T WANT THEM WITH HER! In this day and age, there should be no “opps” babies. This man is being responsible, whether though condom use or this contract. I don’t understand how you can condemn people who don’t want children or want to be selective with whom they have children with. I mean what is really the problem here?

    • Ghost

      Just goes to show men nowadays just want to have sex with whoever. I don’t believe the NEWGIRL is judging. She is stating facts. American men just want their fun and no strings. You do the deed you deal with the consequences and growing the hell up.

    • Aiakya

      Then if he doesn’t want children WITH HER than he should abstain from having sex WITH HER. Why have sex with someone, knowing that each time you have sex, no matter how small the possibility, there is a chance of procreation?! Don’t want a baby with that person don’t have sex with them. It is truly very simple. Such a ridiculous contract. I wouldn’t have signed such a disgusting thing nor continue to date such a vulgar man. Oh he loves having sex with you but anything more than that, he doesn’t want it. That shows a level of selfish immaturity that I find hard to even fathom why anyone would continue to find romantic interest in such a person. $25,000 is not worth that amount emotional pain, it is not worth the amount of self respect you must lose to even sign that disgusting sheet of paper.

      Bahahaha, you call an abortion contract responsible?! Responsible is nutting up and taking care of a child that you help create. There shouldn’t be some pre-existing contract about what to do with a freshly created life, it should be taken on a case by case basis with both parties agreeing in the present. <– That is being called being a responsible adult. Not trying to write up some revolting contract in order to keep you from learning to be a man, a father or a decent human being.

      Thoughts like yours is why society is such a cluster fuck. Now this isn't to say I'm not pro-choice because I am but I do have a problem with someone basically trying for the easy way out. Even if he is just trying to protect his interests by not procreating with someone who is just after his money, there are smarter and less reprehensible ways to go about it. Like by, oh, I don't know, lets just try thinking with his "bigger' head and not just being in relationships that are more sexual than they are emotional.