Abortion Contract

According to reports, NBA baller J.J. Redick and his ex-girlfriend Vanessa Lopez had an unusual agreement. The pair apparently sat down with their lawyers to hash out an “abortion contract” that said if Lopez became pregnant she would terminate the pregnancy, provide medical proof to Redick that the procedure was completed, and the couple would attempt to continue their relationship for one year. If Redick could not or would not continue dating Lopez,  the contract stipulated he would pay his ex $25,000.

Redick has denied that Lopez was ever pregnant with his child and/or obtained an abortion, but a slew of documents between Redick and his attorney indicate otherwise.

Reading about Redick and Lopez’s contract got me thinking. I wonder how many other couples (or friends with benefits?) have entered into such an agreement.

While I find it odd that a couple would draw up an abortion contract, then stipulate that the relationship will continue for a period of time or else money will exchange hands, it may just be a practical, albeit impersonal, solution to an emotionally fraught situation.

Would you ever enter into an abortion contract with your partner? How would you react if someone approached you with such an idea?

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