The Rock covers Essence Magazine

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson covers the August issue of Essence magazine, and many are questioning whether or not the former wrestler should have landed such a coveted spot.

Johnson, who is biracial, tops the “Baddest Brothers” list–voted on by more than 4,000  Essence readers–which also includes the likes of Lance Gross, Idris Elba, Maxwell, and Boris Kodjoe. The article also includes The Rock’s musings on what he loves most about black women.

While Johnson claims to love “the beauty of black women,” the released interview excerpt leaves much to be desired.

Johnson tells Essence senior writer Jeannine Amber, “With the black women I’ve dated, I always appreciated their love for family and their love of culture. I also appreciate the details in a woman, like her nose and lips, how her skin feels, even the way she does her nails …”

Say what?

Which brings us to the controversy.

Since he burst on the scene, The Rock has not been spotted with a black women. And while he very well may have dated sistas in the past, his ex-wife, former girlfriends, and all of the women we’ve seen him in public with thus far, including his current boo Lauren Hashian, have not been black.

Kind of feels like the Reggie Bush debacle all over again, doesn’t it?

While The Rock is certainly free to date whomever he chooses, should he be celebrated on a magazine that is specifically for black women, the very women we’ve yet to see on his arm?

(And if we ARE cool with giving props to men who regularly sidestep us, what does that say about us?)

Some of the commenters on Essence’s website aren’t so sure.

One reader wrote:

I wish people would stop this nonsense, as if it’s okay for this man to be on the cover of Essence, claiming to love Black women, when he hasn’t had any relationships with any that we know of.

It’s a joke. Robin Thicke and George Lucas can say more about what they love about Black women, than the man on this month’s cover.

I don’t hate ‘The Rock’. I’m not really a fan and YES, he is free to love whomever he wants. He is low key, you hardly see him in the tabloids and he seems like a very big family man. But when the decision was made to put him on the cover, with that dubious wording, I can name at least three Black women, who thought this man had suddenly become involved with a Black woman and wanted to talk about that with Essence. So anyone thinking the article is about anything else, needs to read it in Walgreens someplace and leave it in the store.

I’m sure next year Wesley Snipes will be on the cover, claiming to love Black women as well.

Another echoed her sentiments:

“I love Essence magazine but I have the same feelings about Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on the cover as I did about Reggie Bush being on the cover. No denying that both are definitely easy on the eyes but I really have no interest in men who have shown that they have no interest in women like me.”

Everyone wasn’t against Johnson gracing the cover, though. The magazine’s Facebook page is overflowing with comments from women salivating over The Rock’s biceps and commending Essence for putting him on the cover. So maybe Essence was right?

Where do you stand, Clutchettes? Are you cool with The Rock being on the cover of ‘Essence’? Sound off! 

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