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Adama Ndiaye started Dakar Fashion Week in 2002, and this year she put her foot down when it comes to certain beauty practices of the models.  Many women and professional models in Senegal have turned to skin  bleaching creams to make their body lighter.

Ndiaye is against skin bleaching and has banned anyone participating in what she refers to as “depigmentation”.

“It’s not even pretty,” she said. “For me, it’s just a turn off.”

“I’m trying to teach them to like themselves,” said Ndiaye of the natural-toned models selected for this year’s show.

From Fashion Ghana:

Sophie Nzinga Sy, a couturier educated at the Parsons School of Design in New York, was infuriated when she saw billboards promoting skin lightening products around Dakar. “It was ridiculous,” she said. “Our skin is something that we should value.”

Sidling nervously between hair and make-up stations, models also expressed their support for Ndiaye’s initiative.

“I think it’s a great idea,” said model Dorinex Mboumba. “It will discourage others from the practice. We don’t need to change the colour of our skin to be beautiful.”

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  • NOitAll

    I think Ms. Ndiaye is on the right track. This is along the same lines as European runways using super thin, possibly anorexic, models. Skin bleaching is medically harmful. It could make users more vulnerable to skin cancer. Anyone who bleaches is going to pay a hefty price as they age. There are many benefits to having brown skin, not the least of which is maintaining elasticity well after those with lighter skin tones have started to wrinkle. I wonder if they know what they are in for?

  • i’m surprised that there isnt a slew of comments saying that this lady is wrong and that it’s none of this lady’s business and that people should be able to do what they want with their bodies.

    beauty pageants should do this against plastic surgery. whats the point of a beauty pageant if you’re just gonna buy your “beauty” and cut off what makes YOU unique and beautiful? silly!

  • Pepper

    What the F are these women bleaching their skin for!! Talk about over the top insecurities

  • just sad

    if you’re going to go that route go 100 and ban relaxers. ol struggle strands

  • Akin

    What good news! However, she needs to go the whole hog by also banning girls that hate the hair the Good Lord gave them and have to employ Brazilian, Indian or Chinese attachments in order to look beautiful.Remember Diop’s quip: The entire of African history would be different if black girls had long hair…