Interracial Cheerios

In May, a charming Cheerios commercial featuring an interracial family due to the ire of thousands of YouTube viewers. Outraged to see a multiracial family get airtime in the clip, critics posted vitriolic comments expressing their hatred for interracial relationships.

The outcry prompted Cheerios, the actors featured in the commercial and others to speak up and defend the clip. But the most powerful reaction to the commercial is from a group of children featured in a YouTube series, called “Kids React.”

In the 9-minute clip, which has garnered almost 3 million views, these children come off more enlightened, mature and accepting then the adults who slammed the video.

Watch here:

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  • Out of the Mouths of Babes. They are so innocent and it shows because they do not see race/ gender. These Kids are our tomorrow, and they really touched me in way that was so meaningful. The tears went flowing while watching.

  • apple

    aww how innocent and cute kids are, and they still grow up to be close minded or racist (not all of them) because of their parents or society (because todays racist/bigots were once kids like this)..

    i remember how naive i use to be as a kid,before i became a misanthropic jaded adult..

  • I loved every single kid in this video and there faces of confusion when asked what was wrong with the video. The little girl with the turqoise shirt, loved her, she could definitely give a talking to to some. The young lady at the end caught me off guard and I was tearing up along with her. Great video! Who says adults can’t learn from children.

  • Wow, I love kids…thank goodness that’s our next generation…