Thug Notes by Sparky Sweets, PhD

It’s no secret; I love a good book. The past few months I’ve inhaled books like a fiend needing another hit. Yesterday, I was hanging out on the awesome book blog Dope Reads looking for another tome to check out, when I came across a video called “Thug Notes,” which offers reviews of classic books.

Hosted by Sparky Sweets, PhD, “Thug Notes” offers a brief plot synopsis, thematic analysis, and an amazingly easy overview of some of the most widely read (and assigned) books. All in under five minutes.

According to the “Thug Notes” YouTube page, the show is described as the “main hookup for classical literature summary and analysis. Maybe you’ve read the Cliffs Notes. Maybe you even read the book. But you ain’t know sh*t until you watched the Thug Notes homie.”

So far, the weekly series has covered The Great Gatsby, 1984, Pride and Prejudice, To Kill A Mockingbird, and Crime and Punishment. What book should “Thug Notes” cover next?

Check out a clip of “Thug Notes” and let us know what you think.

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  • Kacey

    I’m all for this, especially if it gets people interested in books other than those dreadful “urban”/street-lit books.

    • The Comment

      Oh God! I hate that Barnes & Noble has rows and rows of that struggle garbage.

  • Starla

    Oddly entertaining. Love the musical interludes and the backdrop. Black people rock!

  • Amber

    Ok I wanted to like the review but he used “be” way too much! It just seemed a bit too contrived. But all in all good idea for a twist on book reviews.

  • @Kacey

    Someone told me there was a difference between urban books and street lit. For me personally I like to read urban books. Book that has mostly A.A characters dealing with different situations in their lives. I can’t read anymore street lit books. I did that when I was younger, every book started to be about the same thing. I swear anyone can write a street lit book. Also editors are nonexistent. I’m not a grammar or spelling pro but the constant grammar/spelling mistakes even make me mad.

  • Brave New World would be awesome!