Franchesca Ramsey's Lipstick Story

Funny woman Franchesca Ramsey took a break from her comedic antics to share an inspirational video about embracing her lips.

In her “Lipstick Story,” Ramsey describes a time when she hated her lips because they were “too full and too plump.” Instead of having lips like those traditionally held up as beautiful, Ramsey says hers resembled dented “burger buns.”

While she’s known for her natural hair tutorials and fearless videos taking on racism and sexism, in “Lipstick Story” Fanchesca admits she only recently began to love her lips. What brought on the shift? A makeup artist who dared to adorn Ramsey’s lips with a bold-colored lipstick. Instead of looking like a clown, Ramsey’s eyes–and lips–were open to a new world of possibilities.

I’ll let her explain:

When it comes to your lips, do you rock bold hues? 

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  • lovetostylealex

    Didn’t black women wear red or berry lipstick all the time till about 4 or 5 years ago? I don’t know why now it seems bold or unusual. Look at magazines or TV shows from then and before, and you’ll notice. This bare lip look is new.

  • Funny, cuz the first thing I thought was “what full, beautiful lips she has!” Glad you found the lovr girl!