Grey hair is official a trend. The color which signifies maturity, wisdom and aging gracefully is now a fashionable dye choice. It appeared on Jean Paul Gaultier’s Fall 2011 runway, on perennial trendsetter Kelis, at the Met Gala on Nicole Richie and on “The Fashion Police” by way of Kelly Osbourne. A style blogger, whose strands are naturally grey and were long before the trend took hold of the fashion industry, chronicles her hair journey on GorgeousinGrey.com.

Now, Rihanna is adopting the look with newly-dyed grey extensions (weave! weave! weave!). She announced it on her Instagram page yesterday alongside the caption “Grey is the new black.”

While her hair (weave!) is characterized as “icy grey” by some, and isn’t as light as her fellow grey-haired celebrities, it does make a strikingly beautiful statement.

If you’re a fellow lover of hair color, you may just be bored enough with red, blonde, black and brown to consider dying your hair grey. Or maybe you want a look that will ensure you stand out and start conversation wherever you go.

What do you think, Clutchettes? Would you ever dye your hair grey?

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  • jam

    Uglyyy ! Really what is this girl thinks ng. Attention whore

  • Nisha

    Amazing how other black women can come here and hate on a young black successful female. Who cares who had the style first and as far as her being a track wreck…she’s a 25 year old superstar performer and multi-millionaire business woman. How many of you with all you judgmental personal garbage can say that?

  • Um…no! I’ve been dying my hair black to cover up the gray! lol

  • Alesska

    I think it’s cool. I would have gray if it didn’t kill my natural hair

  • ariana

    maybe. might be one of those things a handful of folk can rock.