Critically acclaimed author, Zadie Smith, says she’s writing a science fiction novel. The author of   of White Teeth and NW, says she was inspired Ursula K. Le Guin, whose science fiction and fantasy genres explored both of dimensions of social and psychological identity and of broader cultural and social structures.

In an interview with the London Evening Standard explained that her novel is a concept novel.

“It’s a concept novel. It’s the only novel I’ve ever written that has a plot, which is thrilling. I don’t know if I can do it. Those books are incredibly hard to write”.

In the age of having a personal brand, Smith shudders at such a thought and recommends other stop trying to please everybody all the time.

“Unless you consider yourself some sort of human brand, which I don’t, you have to deal with the fact that different people are going to like different aspects of your work. It’s not consistent. I am not consistent. But I feel OK with that. When I was young I felt I had to please everybody all the time, which is impossible as a writer. You shouldn’t even attempt it.”

In regards to politics Smith shudders and can’t stand behind a President that allows drone attacks.

“Any artist who aligns themselves with a politician is making a category error,’ she asserts, ‘because what politicians do is not on a human scale, it is on a geopolitical scale. Individual humans are being killed by anonymous planes in the air, and artists should be interested in individual humans. I would no more give support to Obama than I would to David Cameron — the decisions they have to make are not conceivable to me.”

To read more of Zadie Smith’s interview click here.

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