Robert Zimmerman Jr., brother of killer, George Zimmerman, recently appeared on  CNN’s Piers Morgan. And of course he had his fair share of bs to state during the interview.

“[George] is still processing the reality or notion of being a free man, of having what the judge described as no further business before the court.”

“There are factions, there are groups, there are people that would want to take the law into their own hands as they perceive it, or be vigilante’s in some sense,” he told Morgan during the live interview. “They think that justice was not served, they won’t respect the verdict no matter how it was reached and they will always present a threat to George and his family.”

What Robert fails to understand is that, occasionally, when you live by the sword, you die by the sword.  At this point in time, it’ll be hard to try to find someone who gives a shit about George Zimmerman’s life and whether or not he lives the rest of it constantly looking over his shoulder.  He should consider his brother lucky, that he’s survived the weekend without someone going “A Time To Kill” on him.  I’m pretty sure Robert will continue to do his smug press spree throughout the week, below are the clips from his CNN appearance.

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  • @M
    I don’t think there father would have had that. Also I don’t believe the mother tried to expose them to any of her culture. She seems to be contempt living the American dream with their judge father no matter what it took.

  • Missi

    It’s not just George a marked man, the whole white hispanic trash of a family is marked. I would hate to have to live my life the way they are today and the rest of their miserable existence. They did not win anything.

  • DEE

    “-there are people that would want to take the law into their own hands as they perceive it, or be vigilante’s in some sense,”

    Oh my goodness, the irony in this statement alone is about enough to make me pass out!

  • I am pissed at this verdict, because they have let a criminal free. Innocent people and others with lesser offenses crowded up in jail, but they let obviously guilty people like Zimmerman and Casey Anthony free. This is a classic piece of victim shaming, giving more leeway for the criminal to do something else.

  • P

    White’s need to become educated on cultural diversity. Cultural diversity is here to stay. Citizens without authority do not have a right nor place to police anyone. Wise up and educate yourselves!