Aevin Dugas

With a cloud of natural hair that stands four feet tall, Aevin Dugas holds the Guinness World Records title of the world’s largest afro, inspiring women around the globe to ditch relaxers for good.

The 38-year-old New Orleans native traded in her straight tresses for a big, pillowy soft ‘do 14 years ago, a hairstyle she says was inspired by her mother’s 60s ‘fro. As expected, maintenance for the afro that spills over into her face requires lots of time and patience. “It would take a day and a half to dry,” the now hometown hero says. “Almost two days.” 

But even putting a little more elbow work into her hair routine isn’t running her back to creamy crack. “At one time I strived to get hair that was bone straight and now all I want is it big and poofy.”

Press play to see the power in Dugas’ hair.

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