Looks like we might have found something new for Aaliyah-obsessed rapper Drake to fret about!

That’s right. Beyoncé’s little sister and alternative soul artist Solange might be playing the dearly departed, iconic singer/actress in an upcoming film according to AllHipHop.com:

There is a crazy rumor that the chick Solange has landed the role to play Aaliyah an upcoming biopic. Now, the rumor is Solange went out for the role earlier in the month and ended up getting it this week. She reportedly will be working with the same people that did the movie “Think Like A Man.”

Right now it’s just a rumor, but if anyone’s life is bio-pic worthy, it’s Aaliyah’s. Hit records. Gorgeous looks. Illicit romances. Drama, drama, drama and all that style and talent. But is Solange up for the task? Solange doesn’t have a long acting resume (we think she was in one of those sequels to cheerleading flick “Bring It On” but that might be a fever dream). But that doesn’t necessarily mean the eclectic singer doesn’t have the chops. What do you think?

Could Solange bring it as Aaliyah? Should Aaliyah’s life be brought to the big screen and if so, would you watch?

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