Shaun Bailey says Britain is a racist country

Shaun Bailey, Prime Minister David Cameron’s lone Black advisor, recently discussed why his Conservative Party has trouble connecting with Black and Asian voters: Britain is still quite racist.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Bailey admitted that his party has not “been brilliant around race,” because they rarely discuss it.

He explained:

“We need to speak about race. Our weakness is we don’t talk about it,” he said.

“If we don’t talk about it, the other side get to tell everyone what you believe about it. We need not to be afraid about it.”

Bailey, who was once in Cameron’s inner circle, has been pushed out and given a part-time role in the Cabinet Office. He confessed to friends that he was sidelined after Cameron’s pals were given government roles and because he was “different.”

While Bailey asserts that there is still a lot of racism in Britain, he told The Daily Telegraphy his country is “not as racist as America.”

Bailey’s remarks on the failings of his Conservative Party (the Tories) to reach out to minority voters comes on the heels of a recent report which found that Black and Asian voters are becoming a more powerful voting bloc.

According to one estimate, the shift in Britain’s ethnic makeup may be enough to defeat Prime Minister Cameron in the next election.

The Guardian Reports:

Simon Woolley, of OBV [Operation Black Vote], said: “The black vote has never been so powerful. This is great news for all those who thought we could never effect change … With this political leverage I’m sure many will want to demand greater race equality …This research is a political game-changer – above all, if ethnic minority communities and politicians respond positively to it, democracy wins.”

The Liberal Democrat deputy leader, Simon Hughes, said the findings were “very significant” and added: “Unless all parties and candidates engage with and seek to win BME [black and minority ethnic] support, they could be in political difficulty locally and see their general election prospects significantly set back.”

According to one new estimate, the change in Britain’s ethnic makeup may already be enough to cost David Cameron the next election. The Conservatives’ race deficit will cost them between 20 and 40 seats in 2015, according to calculations by Prof Anthony Heath, of Oxford University, who has studied ethnic demographic changes and their effects on elections.

The growing number of ethnic voters coupled with the Conservative Party’s inability to connect with minorities even have some predicting that Britain will have its first Black Prime Minister by 2020.

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  • I’m Black British and I always say racism in Britain is as bad if not worse than in the USA. Not in a billion years could we get a black prime minister. British people perform their racism in the same way they did slavery. Behind closed doors and in a non obvious way- i.e. shipping my ancestors to the West Indies and doing their mess there instead of on their doorstep. I mean really, what self respecting Black British person aligns themselves with David Cameron anyway? Please Shaun, take several seats, preferably in Hyde Park or somewhere far away from any government building where you can speak on my behalf.

    • DiasporaUK

      Co-signing! (parts of your posts)

      The part about racism in the UK being as bad if not worse than in the US. Was born and have lived here all my life, and in my perception we’re going through a period of regression on the race relations front.

      More and more open racism, minority bashing, scapegoating, and persecution in the media,
      more police harassment on the streets,
      more incarceration of blacks,
      more black unemployment.

      Race and class divisions are as marked as in the US. Indeed moreso because this country has a monarchy which perpetuates a heredity class system in which some benefit from unearned privilege simply by accident of birth. Running counter to the notion of meritocracy that we’re sold everyday. Social inequality here is as deep as in America, both countries have the widest wealth gap between rich and poor, of all western industrial nations.

      That aint no coincidence. That the anglo mentality.

      UK is basically the US without the guns.

      Last point, I agree that you’d be more likely to see a black queen before a black prime minister, but – so what on that?

      Obama is just the first bi-racial president of white people.

      I don’t ever wanna see a black prime minister of the UK, except of course when Britain is under Black Rule.

      :As opposed to what you have in America which is White Rule behind a bi-racial face.

    • EL


  • MsSmeeg


    I read a summary about Thomas Thistlewood’s diary in which he wrote his daily antics of raping Jamaican women (Blacks). He also came up with a punishment for slaves: one slave had to defecate in the other’s mouth (the one who was to be punished), then the punished slave’s mouth had to be shut with some kind of contraption. Absolutely horrific and inhumane.

  • ETC

    As everyone said, racism is a worldwide problem. I would argue that capitalism(as originally created without regard for human life) is the fuel that ignites this phenomenon. People of African descent should band together to solve this. Also, it would be great if people could put race aside and partner with us, as many have suffered from colonizations(Indians, Latinos, etc)..

  • V

    …can we stop using the word ‘minority’ please…I will never understand that term.

  • Claudio Frollo

    Great Britain has to be the most racist country in Europe, followed closely by France, then possibly Italy.
    No excuses, lived there for 8 long years, heard plenty of times racist comments, jokes, and references from so many people in different places, enough to form a solid opinion and not be generalising. not everybody is so close minded, but even the best of people there do have prejudice for skin colour and most people if you don’t look like the average white British(they all look fairly similar)will ask where you are originally from and make a judgment from that.
    Like a woman I once met there, British claim to be cool and non racist, but yet they act very racist”. Sadly I think now she was right.