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Carlos Alcis, a 43-year-old Haitian immigrant in Brooklyn, dropped dead after NYPD officers stormed his home at approximately 5:30 am Thursday morning.

The tragic incident began when a woman told police she was punched in the face and robbed by a man wearing red shorts. After a witness informed  officers he followed the suspect to a building in the neighborhood, police went door-to-door to search for the alleged perpetrator. When officers entered the Alcis home, they noticed 16-year-old Emmanuel Alcis wearing red basketball shorts. Thinking they’d found the robber, NYPD officers took the teen outside to be identified.

The victim told police the teen was not the man who robbed her, but officers reentered the Alcis home and continued to search for “evidence” anyway.

The New York Daily News reports:

Cops went door-to-door searching for the robber. NYPD officials claim they knocked on the Alcis family’s door and Carlos Alcis let them in. But neighbors on the first floor said police pried their door open. They showed the Daily News a door that appeared to have been splintered near the lock.

Lissage Alcis, 21, said everyone in his apartment was asleep when the cops stormed in and woke them up.

“My door was closed and then the door opened and there was a flashlight in my face,” he said.

“My father kept asking, ‘What happened? Why are you here,’ ” he said.

Emmanuel Alcis, who was wearing red basketball shorts at the time, said he was in his bed when a cop shone a flashlight in his face.

“They took me out to the backyard. They asked a girl, ‘Is that him?’ She said, ‘It’s not him,’ ” said Emmanuel, who was allowed to go back inside.

He said his father suddenly collapsed and started shaking. The teen said police continued to search the apartment, checking under beds and piles of clothes — even as blood started coming from his father’s mouth. 

To add insult to injury, Emmanuel told The NY Daily News, police made him administer CPR to his father as he lay dying. Alcis, a husband and father of eight, was pronounced dead when the ambulance arrived nearly a half hour later.


Alcis’ family, including his wife, Ana (center) and six of his children (l. to r.), Claudette, Jean-Pierre, Emmanuel, Lissage, Katiana and Guerda. Photo via NY Daily News

The Alcis’ family says Carlos was healthy, but was literally “scared to death” by the incident. They have retained a lawyer and may sue the NYPD for wrongful death.

This horrific incident comes just days after Judge Shira A. Scheindlin ruled that New York City’s practice of stopping, questioning, and frisking individuals violated their civil rights because it unfairly targeted the city’s minority residents.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is appealing the judge’s decision, but it’s hard not to see how such a practice contributed to Mr. Alcis’ tragic death.

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