“Fox and Friends” and The Daily Caller are using the senseless killing of Chris Lane as a chance to chastise black leaders like President Obama and Reverends Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. They claim that Lane’s murder represents a “double standard” by public black figures because they aren’t addressing it to the extent they spoke on Trayvon Martin’s killing.

But there’s one big problem in their analysis. In their rush to make a hypocrisy claim, “Fox and Friends” and The Daily Caller falsely reported that “three black teens,” were arrested for Lane’s killing. One of the teens, however, is clearly a white male.

“The Daily Caller” even ran a photograph replacing the white teen, Michael Jones, with a picture of a dark-skinned black man (below).


When they realized their “error,” “The Daily Caller” issued the following “correction”:

“This, of course, changes everything. Edwards and Luna are being charged with first-degree murder, whereas Jones is charged with “using a vehicle to facilitate the discharge of a weapon and accessory after the fact of murder in the first degree.” There’s your angle, Rev. Al. The one with the lightest skin got the lightest charge. The one who looks the least like Obama will get the least punishment. Let the racebaiting begin.”

Still wrong.

Michael Jones, the oldest of the three who said he “pulled the trigger,” in court, is NOT a light-skinned black man. He is a white male.

But why bother to check the facts when you’re trying to make an argument about race?

It’s deplorable and maddening that these three teenagers killed Chris Lane for “fun” but race doesn’t seem to be a factor in this cold-blooded murder like it was in Trayvon Martin’s case.

But leave it to FOX and “The Daily Caller” to make this situation about race, accuracy be damned.


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  • The Comment

    Trayvon Martin; The Re-Mix

  • Beautiful Mic

    The timing of this crime is really interesting – ironic.

  • LemonNLime

    Really? I see two black kids and a biracial kid possibly, one black kid and two biracial kids. I’m not surprised, hell black people are always yelling this one drop crap, well that works both ways.

  • GlowBelle

    Gosh, I’m so surprised…Bigots are so hungry to get ‘their Trayvon’ story that they will even forgo doing elementary journalism. Pathetic. The only thing these shooters have in common with Zimmerman is that they were trigger happy trolls. These shooters didn’t racially profile their target. These little monsters already claimed they shot the man because they were “bored”. Plus they will not have the crooked Florida prosecution/court system trying to get them off. These kids WILL see the inside of a jail cell, that’s what’s for certain. So no Fox News this isn’t ‘your Trayvon’. Nice try, you delusional and stupid bigots. I love how they didn’t want to make Trayvon’s murder into a racial issue, but the minute something like this happens they are race baiting with the quickness.

    • Marisa

      Yeah I don’t think there will be people setting up a defense fund for these kids like Zimmerman managed to get before during and after the trial.

    • ScriptTease

      These Bastards don’t need a defense fun. They’re evil, and I hope they Rot, along with Zimmerman.

    • Boom!!! Couldn’t have said it better myself! They so badly want to disqualify people’s outrage about Trayvon Martin that they are trying to use any and every little thing when the focus should be on the two victims who lost their lives tragically and senselessly.

  • Marisa

    Reminds me of the James Jordan murder case James being father of MJ and the two convicted killers one started out white but, then as time went on he morphed into being Indian strange how that works doesn’t it.

    • The Other Jess

      But the other kid actually WAS Indian/Native American.