for-brown-girls-dark-skin-red-lip-project-coco-and-cremeBright and bold colors have touched the lips of many a-woman, but some dark-skinned women lack the confidence to paint their pouts red. Months ago, Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky rattled off the ridiculous notion red lips aren’t for dark girls, shedding more light on the growing problem.

And unfortunately he’s not alone in the thought.

Thankfully, For Brown Girls founder Karyn Washington has stepped up to wage a war against the stigma dark girls face when they wear red lipstick.

Armed with over 200 photos of darker skinned black women rocking several different red pouts, the #DarkSkinRedLip Project, an ongoing online campaign that seeks to break barriers and build confidence, has gained 1,000+ supporters of the cause.

In an effort to better understand the feelings, attitudes toward this beauty issue, FGB asks dark girls to send one clear photo of themselves wearing red lipstick to [email protected], including your name, state and brand/name of lipstick.

If you simply want to spread the word, send out the hashtag #DarkSkinRedLip across your social networks to encourage women of a darker hue to be confident in who they are and what they like.

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