For the most part, I’m super excited when one of my friends gets engaged. Good for them, finding the person of their dreams and shit. But what if your friend gets engaged to someone terrible? How are you supposed to respond to that? Because telling her how you really feel — “Do you really want to make the biggest mistake of your life?!” — is out of the question, and staring at her outstretched, blinged-out hand in horror would be, you know, rude, comedienne Sasheer Zamata has some suggestions for how to respond, without lying, when your pal tells you she’s marrying some douchebag. Step 7, “Gestures and Sounds,” will probably be my go-to. [The Hairpin]



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  • Marisa

    When the girls started rambling off wedding movies and the one girl said Four Weddings and a Funeral and the other looked at her like damn bish I DIED lol.

  • RenJennM

    My favorite part: Make Funny Faces and Gestures. LOL! *dead*

  • La’Ill Bella

    These people are crazy! But, I had a friend marry a guy that I didn’t approve of and you know what my response was to it? I smiled and walked down the aisle with my bride’s maid gown and smiled. I already expressed how I felt about the guy and if she still felt that he was the one for her, who was I not to support? I wasn’t marry him. Unless he was abysmally horrid, I let my grown friend make up he own mind, and went with it.