Is Crystal Wright really Conservative?
A new essay by radio host Mo’Kelly takes aim at Crystal Wright, the self-proclaimed “Conservative Black Chick.” In his piece, Mo’Kelly claims Wright—who has been making the rounds in Right-Wing media—may not be all that Conservative at all, but is merely using her status as a “triple minority: woman, black and a Republican” to line her pocketbook.

The essay, which first debunks the myth that Black folks vote for Democrats on the basis of some sort of allegiance to the ‘60s rather than the GOP’s very blatant refusal to engage in issues important to African-Americans, takes Wright to task for her “political schizophrenia” (she allegedly voted for President Obama and supported Democratic candidates until at least 2010) and her over the top rhetoric.

Mo’Kelly writes:

Congratulations Republicans, you’ve been duped. She’s not a “Black Republican.” Here’s why… Can you really call yourself “Conservative Black Chick” with matching website when it’s widely known you voted for Barack Obama to become president in 2008? In fact, she acknowledged as much at a small, private Georgetown University reunion mixer we both attended in 2009. Are you really the standard-bearer and flag-waiver of conservative principles given that reality? When and where did this epiphany take place? 2009? 2010?

Or possibly, never at all. But wait…there’s more.

Can you really go from being a lifelong Democrat to true-believer, far-right Conservative Republican inside of ONE midterm election cycle? ONE? This is the same woman who pledged:

$500.00 for Democrat Bill Nelson for Senate on June 30, 2008

$250.00 for Democrat Kendrick Meek for Senate on June 30, 2010.

(As verified by CampaignMoney.com. All requests for comment to Crystal Wright have been ignored thus far.)

Not only that, Wright was part of a lobby group for Meek under the auspices of subsidizing home medical equipment. Wright not only vehemently voted Democrat but also put her money behind it. That would be the same Kendrick Meek that political portal Ontheissues.org lists as a “hard-core liberal.”

It wasn’t until July 31, 2010 that Wright financially supported ANY Republican candidate.

Conservative Black Chick? Black, yes…Chick…yes…Conservative?

Um…not so much.

If we turn around and check the tote board, Wright was voting for Democratic candidates like Obama as late as November 2008 and Kendrick Meek as late as November 2010. How very “conservative” of her.

Her byline should read “Conservative…since sometime last year or so…maybe.

He surmises:

Evidently somewhere along the way, Wright realized that she could not be a “star” on the Left, espousing her “political ideals” and switched to the Right (at least publicly). It was on October 4, 2010 that http://conservativeblackchick.com was born. She founded it ONE month before voting for Kendrick Meek in the Florida senate election, three months after donating to his campaign. That’s saying nothing about her many editorials lambasting Democrats in 2009 as part of the FrumForum.

In discussing Wright’s allegiance to the GOP and her offensive rhetoric (she famously tweeted that Trayvon Martin’s family should “move one from this manufactured race war. Or get on w/writing your books”), Mo’Kelly got me thinking. I wonder how many seemingly diehard, Black Right-Wingers (uh, hello Jessie Lee Peterson), are merely embracing these views to be famous. After all, it’s easier to be the lone Black Republican speaking “truth” to Democratic power, than being one of many Black Democrats towing the party line.

What a way to set yourself apart, right?

Wright has denied Mo’Kelly’s claims, tweeting that she’s been a registered Republican since 2002, and is only under attack because her political views do not align with most African Americans.

Whether or not Wright underwent a true conversion and became a dyed-in-the-wool Conservative because she truly believes in GOP principles is hard to ascertain. But one thing is clear: her presence on the Right is doing very little to recruit more African Americans to join the Grand Old Party, and nearly everything to drive them away.

Read Mo’Kelly’s entire essay here.

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  • Wurty

    To bad she is a phony because she is pretty. At least she was smart enough to that America is tired of 8 years of liberal governing. Time for some conservatism to show the world what a proud and defiant country we can be.

  • dnokc

    Better late than never as Dr. Walter Williams might say. I could rationalize why anyone might have voted for Mr. Obama the first time. The second time though proved Mr. Gruber is RIGHT!

  • Robert2011GB

    Is she black?

    She doesn’t look black,

    Is she another white girl pretending to be black?

  • ddale20 .

    Why is it that when a black person thinks for themselves by leaving the
    ‘mindless plantation’ of brainwashed blacks, they are called idiots. Are
    you not the idiot by blindly following a party (Democrat) that has
    basically enslaved blacks to one ideology? That government is our
    savior? Have you not noticed that blacks did a lot better when they did
    for themselves? Ever since the Civil Rights Act, blacks have been
    allowing the democrat to lie to them. We don’t need to championed by
    anyone, much less a democrat that’s from Vermont or Arkansas. You people
    keep talking about conservative blacks stepping out of line but what
    does Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton know about the struggles of
    blacks? I find it offensive that they think that they can legislate
    blacks out of poverty, legislate moral and ethical behavior, or
    legislate better education. They’ve tried that and it’s been disastrous!
    No more government telling us how to live. We need to work on our
    morals, values, and liberties. Offering ‘free’ stuff is B.S. It can’t
    and won’t happen. These candidates are only looking out for number one!
    Themselves!! YOU are the only one that can change your future. We need
    to get back to taking care of ourselves and letting the free market work
    for us as it did Hillary, Bernie, Bush, etc. Wake the hell up or we
    will be ruled by a dictator. That’s what socialism leads to.

  • ddale20 .

    That’s because the free market, capitalism, works to lift people out of poverty, NOT socialism. Take China who’s embraced the free market, their middle class is now larger than the entire population of America. They are business friendly and believe in capitalism. It has been a slow process but they seem to be going in the opposite direction of the inventor of capitalism: America! Even Argentina is pulling itself out of poverty with the free market strategy.