One of our favorite web series, Brothers With No Game, is back and better than ever.

After taking us inside the minds of four friends from across the Pond, the show is back for a new season filled new loves, life changes, and decisions that just may change the course of their future.

When the first season left off, Marcus found out the girl he’s been crushing on is underage; Theo, the perpetual nice guy was finally getting some play; Dorian finally admitted his feeling for his longtime friend Lisa; and Junior found himself in the middle of a love triangle.

After getting off to a rocky start, Junior and Remy were beginning to fall in love when his ex-girlfriend returned from America and threw a monkey wrench in their budding affair. Who would he choose—Remy or Vanessa?

Check out the first episode to find out!

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  • Laura Charles

    I love their blog! A few of their posts had me laughing out loud in tears. I just wish they posted more frequently. They went months with no new material.

  • simplyme

    I absolutely love this show. Season 1 was a guilty pleasure of mine during finals. To be honest only a few of the new Black youtube projects I’ve checked out manage to maintain authenticity while steering clear of stereotypes and played out themes (Awkward Black Girl Season 1 was one). They too manage to do both so well. I’m not even from the UK, but the characters are relatable, the relationships seemed natural and familiar, and the show is just funny. I hope Season 2 is just as good.

  • blindie

    Thank God, I’ve been going through “black & sexy” withdrawal so I need something!!!